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A brief update to my earlier article on JBC.

Others have been caught by this scam.

JBC have set up fake websites to give their share trading /stock trading software credibility. This is dishonest.  It shows clearly that this is not simply a product that does not work for some people, but a deliberate scam.

You can complain via the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Or via the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Or Scamwatch.

Since JBC is based in NSW, you could also lodge a complaint online at the NSW Fair Trading site.

Please email me or comment if you have been contacted by JBC, or if you have purchased their product. The more people who write or complain about JBC, the sooner they will be shut down, and the more people will be saved from losing hard earned savings or superannuation.

63 Responses to “JBC Share Trading Software Part Two”

  • Pol says:

    Hi there, just thought I would add – I was contacted by a Chris Davis – left a message saying it was a personal matter which of course prompted me to call back and leave a message. After googling the number he left I have come to this page. I am grateful to have found out it is a scam before he calls back, and thought it might help to add the name of the person I was contacted by.

  • Jack says:

    Googled the phone number which led me to this blog.
    Thank you very much for the information.
    Leaving a message for the same reasons as did Pol.
    Danny Cook is the man who contacted me.

  • atmaust says:

    The main cfs-live sales group is based at Mt Gravatt. Two top players are Phil Travers and Troy Moncrief

  • Peter says:

    See new post on this as at 2nd March 2011.

    I am going to contact TV current affairs programmes to suggest they do a report on JBC and CFS.

    If you have been ripped off by JBC or CFS and would be willing to share your story, please comment on the new post, or contact me via email (my address is on my profile page).



  • Bob Traill says:

    I have a financial interest in this topic.
    No further comment at this stage.

  • Charmaine says:

    Bob, when you say you have a financial interest in this topic, do you mean you have been ripped off by these bastards, or that you are one of the bastards?

    If you are one of the bastards, please feel free to go ahead and explain yourself.

  • Graeme Strange says:

    My wife was caught by this scam … if I can help in anyway to get these guys COUNT ME IN!

  • cfs_hater says:

    Can someone please give me some urgent advice? I paid $8900 to CFS trading.. I have installed the program and am paper trading, which is basically a practise run before using real money, and I am not making any money at all! The stocks it recommeneded are just going down more and more.. I’m really angry and I can’t stop crying, I am such an idiot. Not only did I pay that, but i paid for a lifetime membership to be able to download Stock Prices from WeLoveData.. $550. I have no idea how to get my money back, my whole savings. I really wanted to believe it was true..
    What do i do now?? 🙁 FML

  • klh says:

    to FML message 18april2011-don’t fill bad same happened to us we have traded once so far ok but can’t get onto them Sydney address return mail??and threy web page email dosen’t work either.we have been done. k

  • Humberto Blassingame says:

    Awesome blog post.Really thank you! Wonderful.

  • Rosemary Hughson says:

    I wish to be contacted by you, because, I have fallen prey to these scam artists CFS-live who have not returned my calls or email for months. I was promised a refund of my money after 13 mths if the stocks didn’t trade as well as predicted, and we are up to 14 mths now. Please contact me as i wish to take them on if possible.

  • C W Farlow says:

    Yep! I fell for it see below the guarantee I received in July 2009!! they owe me £4000

    Further to our telephone conversation, I am pleased to confirm that the JBC
    System will be released to you upon receipt of £3,995
    The balance of £3,995 is only payable once a profit of £20,000 has been
    achieved. JBC guarantee a profit of £20,000 must be achieved within twelve
    months of operation or JBC will waive the balance of any monies owing.
    Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on
    Free Phone: 0800 917 2543
    Yours sincerely,
    …………………………… ……………………………
    Jacob Evans Gareth Hughes
    Senior Analyst International Operations Manager

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