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I have written a couple of times about the JBC stock trading – stock market – share price prediction scam.

Nearly two years later, and after many complaints to regulatory authorities, they still seem to be in business.

JBC Global, CFS Live, and anything associated with them, are an outright fraud.

Some of the names given by its ‘senior analysts’ (telephone con agents) are: Paul Harvey, Chris Wallace, Mike Boyd, Bruce Jones, Scott Brennan, David Moore, Adrian Mathews, Gareth Hughes, Philip Duiker, Chris Davis, Danny Cook.

It is likely that these names are invented, as is the ‘senior analyst’ title.

JBC’s website is still active, but is now pretending to be wider than merely stock trading software. It claims to be a comprehensive business development group, offering software development, employment services, and project management. No matter where you enter your details on this site, you will receive a phone call offering to send you a brochure outlining JBC’s services.

This will be an impressive looking, professionally designed and printed brochure intended, like their website, to give an impression of wealth and stability. You will then receive a follow up phone call, offering you one of a very limited number of licenses. If you express doubts, you may be directed to scam websites which appear to review other, legitimate home business or investment packages, and which give glowing reviews, or even awards, to JBC’s program.

All of this is true of CFS cfs-live.com (I am not giving them a link). The same professional website, the same professional looking brochure, the same skanky con-men on the phone.

I suspect that cfs-live is simply a re-badged version of the JBC share price / stock prediction / share trading scam.

There are plenty of these swindlers around. The PCA (position cost averaging) system is another one, complete with its own fake independent review site at stocktradingeguide.com.

JBC and CFS are the stock trading scams which seem to be most active in Australia.

I am not sure why regulators and police seem unwilling or unable to do anything about these thieves. But as long as they continue to operate, ordinary Asutralians are losing their savings.

I intend to get in touch with A Current Affair or Today Tonight and suggest they do a story on JBC and CFS.

If you have been contacted by these groups, and would be willing to share your story, please add a comment using your correct email address (not visible to the public), or contact me – see my profile page for my email address.


CFS is definitely still active in Australia. I have received emails from a gentleman who spent $8900 in January to buy their programme. For $8900 he got a disk and a booklet, and a folder to put them in.

From his descriptions, the CFS package is identical to the JBC programme.

The software gives a points value to different stocks.  You are supposed to look at the points value and decide what to buy and sell.

The points value appears to be based on sudden movement of stocks up and down. For example if a stock has been stable for a long time and then suddenly drops, it will get a high points value – that is, a buy recommendation – on the basis that it is likely to come back up again just as quickly.

These are frequently very bad recommendations.

The recommendations are bad because the programme has no idea what is going on the real world. A stock that suddenly decreases in value usually does so for a good reason.

Stefan left this comment at one of the earlier JBC / CFS posts:

I’ve been contacted by a chris of cfs. He was trying to sell cfs end of day trading software. he gave me the websites gfmo.org homebusinessprofessionals.biz which have reviews of their software but the net has no links to these sites or to cfs which means they are all probably a bit dubious. His phone number was 1300 441 355.

GFMO and homebusinessprofessionals are  fake ‘independent’ websites, set up by JBC/CFS to reassure prospective buyers.

Referring prospects to fake sites to give an appearance of legitimacy makes it clear that the JBC or CFS packages are not  products offered in good faith.

Don’t fall for these scams!

393 Responses to “JBC Global, CFS Live, ESL Trader Stock – Share Trading Scams”

  • Margaret says:

    Hi Peter, welcome back. I am so glad I found this site, it saved me $9,000. They are so smooth. When I wasn’t sure he told me about awards and testimonials. I was given lots of places to check. This one almost convinced me – http://www.free-press-release.com/news-esl-leading-edge-software-1312523189.html I don’t understand why the police aren’t doing anything about this.

  • John McLoskey says:

    Fake press releases – another weapon in the fool the suckers ESL plan. There was one a while ago pretending to be by Anthony Green at http://www.prlog.org/11618940-anthony-green-comments-on-esls-leading-edge-software.html and another one gradnly advising that ESL had acquired a company called Quinox Systems at http://www.pr-inside.com/esl-and-quinox-systems-a-r2672741.htm Maybe they hope people have heard of Equinox Systems and will think this is genuine aquistion of a reputable company. Definitely not.

  • Quentin Pierce says:

    This is a good blog in exposing ESL, but unfortunately many comments seem to be from the people behind this company. They are a very devious lot so be careful what you choose to believe. Peter be very wary of ‘Willy/Suzy’ as they have been leading you on with a hidden agenda. Please follow this link for more information. https://eslscammers.wordpress.com

  • Real Stock Trader says:

    To all those people asking if this GET-RICH-QUICK scheme is kosher or not …

    NO !!!

    You WILL lose youre money !

    Can it be simpler than that ???

  • ESLscammer says:

    Well, well Quentin you have made a great effort to divert the attention from the real scammers. Using the extra s on the wordpress URL.
    Also interesting how you make reference to an old person being at the Robina address. To help others out I will post Rhys’s photo on the true http://eslscammer.wordpress.com site just so you can identify the occupant!

  • Quentin Pierce says:

    Well, well Willy/Suzy/ESLscammer etc haven’t you done a fine job of setting up Rhys and co for the blame behind ESL. What shred of evidence have you supplied other than photos and addresses of these people? For an ‘innocent party’ to all of this you seem to know an awful lot of intimate detail. Sounds to me like someone with a grudge and what better revenge than to frame them for your devious scam. Well the good news is that due to my investigative skills I know exactly who YOU are and have happily passed this info onto the other parties including the police. I’m sure they will be visiting you soon to discuss further. For everyone else wanting more detail visit https://eslscammers.wordpress.com.

  • Dale Gillham says:

    Hi Peter,

    I am not sure what links you were talking about in my posts as I did not put any in as I agree with you on why they should not be there. Maybe it is one of the three box’s when you leave a reply. 1. Is my name 2. My email 3. My web address I would have thought only my name would appear in the post.

    In the decades that I have been in this industry, when talking to people about programs like this and educators, I find that the majority do very little research and this is why companies like ELS and the marketing educators with the free seminars and DVDs get away with what they do. I know we get people coming in the door to check out whether we have an office and to meet my staff and I to satisfy themselves as to our legitimacy and credibility and I am very fine with that, but the vast majority to their detriment don’t.

    So here is what I say to anyone looking at software providers or education providers in the share market.
    1. Always quantify what they say
    2. Always qualify what they say
    3. Stay away if they have a one page website with very little information that promotes getting something free if you register.

    i.e ForpPoints 1&2 If they say that are ASIC approved (which by the way is impossible) ask them how are they ASIC approved? secondly ask them to prove it. Once you have this you can then do your own independent research to check it out for yourself.

    Lastly just to protect yourself call ASIC or the ASX and ask as you never know it might just save you $9k.

    Just an update: I have still not been contacted from anyone who has made money from ELS or any other trading software program.

  • Beth says:

    Hi all….

    Yes you are right this is a scam, Rhys Adams and Phil are the idiots who run the operation from the east coast. They have virtual offices in Sydney and there is little chance you will catch them. The best way to get back at them is the tax man. The company only sells software that dose not work and is worth a few pounds nothing more. The are all unqualified losers with nothing else in their lives apart from scamming people and drugs.

    ESL, CFS, JBC and many more before that will continue going under different names, taking in at least 400,000$ a month !!

    the police and fraud squad are interested in them you should all pursue them !!

  • Liesel says:

    I used to be the accountant before they all ran back to canada, still oweing me 400 pounds i might add!

    I don’t know why they are getting such a wrap here, if it is bad stuff the tax man won’t be able to do anything, i can say that is one thing they were very fussy on was paying that. Maybe try consumer affairs?

  • Justin says:

    I have personally traded using ESL trading systems for some of the worlds leading trading companies. They have been developing technology for the global stock markets for years. I find some of these allegations very hard to believe, unless there is some sort of take off product out there. This is the stock market we’re talking about so there is always a human element to any trade, in which case there is always a margin for error!!

  • Beth says:

    Oh Justin……… I know the company, the sales pitch, the people who work there…you have not made a penny using this software…..the games up ! please when you comment on this site again how about you use your real name and post how much money you have made from scamming all these people.

    Liesel…. You must remember what you don’t know dosent hurt you….and they have never been to Canada

  • Justin says:

    Oh Beth, Willy, Suzy, how about you use your real name and post how much money you have made from the scam you are running…. A typical post from a competitor, disgruntled ex employee or jilted lover. Either way you seem to have nothing better to do than badmouth a reputable company. Beth, love – I haven’t used this software, but as above I am a professional trader and have utilised ESL systems at a commercial level. Do the research people!!

  • Dale Gillham says:

    Hi everyone, I think the proof about this software is very simple. My full name and email address has been in this forum for months asking for anyone to contact me who uses it and knows it works. To date not one email….enough said!

    The reason? I am a professional trader and educator that anyone can google freely to find out who I am, what I do the licenses and qualifications I hold. As such I can make an honest assessment of this software using my knowledge rather than emotionally. Most people buy through lack of knowledge or being bullied by high pressure sales people, this cannot happen to me as I know how to trade and will immediately know what is BS and what is not.

    When and if I get real proof it works I am happy to post here, and anyone would be welcome to contact me. However I suspect this will never occur. I am sorry Justin but words from faceless people means nothing. Once again anyone thinking about this type of software would be very wise to visit the ASIC website or better still call them or the ASX.

    Just in case someone who has used this software wants to talk to me, my name and contact details again are Dale Gillham [email protected]

  • Beth says:

    Oh Justin…….it’s great how you try and hide behind abbreviated names with websites that are so shallow a child can see through them……do you really think anyone is buying your rubbish…….how about you own up to this and then I won’t post photos, addresses, and your really great scripts and training manuals on here…..let’s say I give you a week to come clean….or you will really see what can happen….I guess we won’t be hearing from you again…..but please if you have the balls then do and how about giving us 1 site about this amazing software that the banks use……or shall I say……the reason that there’s no history about els trading software is that after we have designed it the banks rebranded it as their own…….yeah right

  • Ando says:

    Why can’t I post on here? I’d like to speak my bit but it wont print

  • ESLscammer says:

    It seems strange that everytime an independent makes comment and is then challenged they lump the same people together as threats to ESL. Willy/Suzy/ESLScammer seem to be a group of three now I see that Beth has been added. I wonder why?

    Perhaps the independent (Justin) is in fact someone working for ESL. Certainly it seems that the letters in this case stand for English Second Language, similar to the news release content quoted on Page 2 of this blog.

    Justin case I am wrong (sic) perhaps ESL could nominate a real person to respond to challenges in this blog.

    PS. The UK office is like a sponge for information!

  • Peter says:

    I agree.

    I have received several comments over the last few weeks from ‘Justin’ and a couple of others, claiming to have had great results with ESL, or that ESL is internationally recognised and accredited, and therefore that everyone else who has commented is lying or has a personal grudge against ESL, CFS, etc.

    I have deleted comment by those persons, believing them to be shills for ESL. I have also emailed them back each time, explaining why I have done that, and offering to reconsider if the person gets back to me with some evidence for their claims.

    I have had no replies, and suspect that all the email addresses given are fakes.

    Some months ago a commenter posted Rhys’s name and address. A week or so later Rhys rang me to say that he wanted his address removed as he had nothing to do with ESL, and was being harrassed. I removed the offending comment because I had no way to check whether the information posted was accurate. I also told Rhys that if he did have anything to do with ESL he was a lying scumbag who deserved everything he got.

    All this, and some of the recent comments from other people show it is clear that the ESL name is now so foul smelling that it cannot be redeemed.

    As a consequence, two things will happen.

    First, those involved will attempt to distance themselves and to blame or point the finger at others.

    Secondly, the product will be rebadged, as it has been many times before. If they go according to form, they will pick a combination of letters which is familiar from another context, or is the name of a genuine but unrelated firm. So we will end up with a name like TNT Financial Services, or PMA Global Investments, or NEO Stock Trader.

    Beware! And let us know if you find out what the new branding is.

  • Justin says:

    There is some confusion here. Firstly as mentioned twice in my posts I have not used the aforementioned trading software specifically, nor do I work for ESL. However I am a professional trader and have used systems designed by ESL to trade international markets for years. There is obviously some offshoot software out there that is causing confusion in what I am saying. Just look at the wikipedia site for ESL Investments (the US hedge fund) which makes specific reference to ESL International, the stock market investment technology company. As such I found the comments on this site to be most unusual and most likely a concerted effort to discredit a reputable company. This is a growing problem on the web so forgive me if I am wrong.

  • Peter says:

    I will let this comment stand.

    But if you are genuine Justin, why use fake email addresses, or not respond to my emails to you?

    The ESL scammers people are talking about here have a history of faking names, business contacts, etc. There is no reason to think they are connected in any way to any legitimate company. If what you are now saying is right, it is clear that what you are talking about is completely unrelated to the complaints made here about a group of Gold Coast scammers.

    So how are your comments helpful or even relevant?

  • Alex says:

    I bought the ESL program foolishly for $9200 in October 2011 and have been paper trading with 5 – $1000 trades.I am now down to 2 – $1100 trades so losing around $2800 up till now.I was told by Mike Peters
    of ESL that the program was hitting at 85%.Got a glossy brochure with
    a list of trades over a 2 year period turning $2000 into something like $65000.Would love to get my money back but I doubt it.
    It is hard to understand how they can legally operate from within Australia.Do not by it or you will be as sorry as I am.

  • ESLscammer says:

    I wonder if the people who are behind this, and you know their names and the company fronts, would provide a list of the friends and family who use this software and make the kind of gains mentioned above?

    It is hard to imagine that they would not share it with their loved ones. Or perhaps they know it does not work and therefore even these scumbags won’t inflict it on those close to them.

    Can’t imagine they would have many close friends if it is known what kind of scum they are.

  • Dale Gillham says:

    the links below are yet another example of a company making big promises to make you successful as a trader and not delivering. The sad thing is that ASIC has only gotten involved once they became insolvent. Again please do your research before spending money with any company promoting something that seems to good to be true like easy riches, proven system, guaranteed returns, proprietary trading system etc etc. The fact is that it is just better to run the other way as in my nearly 30 years financial arena I have never seen one that actually delivers on these big promises. If you think you can get rich quick from these sorts of promoters then do yourself a favour and put your money back in the bank.

    Article from Smart Company website.

    ASIC Website link below

  • Leanne says:

    I too was scamed by this company, however I live on the Gold Coast where this company operates from and I only had to mention my story and I was given a phone number to call to get a refund. Turns out a mate though a mate worked for the company who were based in Surfers Paradise but have since moved since he worked there. No idea of current location. I dialed the number he gave me and it went straight though to the call centre manager who organized for a refund, which I got deposited into my bank account a few days later. The manger was suprised at where I got the phone number from, and claimed that this was the first time anybody has had problems with the software. Anyway the phone number too call is 0755124200. They are likely to play dumb when you call, but trust me that’s the number I called and I got the refund. It was lucky that the phone number was still live two years after he left. Good luck, don’t tell them where you got phone number from otherwise they try and shut this website down.

  • Dale Gillham says:

    Hi Everyone, below is a link to a new post on the ASIC Money Smart Website. Anyone even mildly thinking about purchasing share trading software should read this article first. To be very blunt no software will bring you riches! If you cannot trade successfully now then there is absolutely no software in the world that will help you get rich. To give you some idea or way of comparison, I am a professional trader and fund manager and the software I use to trade the markets costs around $1,400 and it does not come with big claims (read lies) of making me rich. Learning and knowing how to become rich is my job, the software is just a tool to assist me to apply my knowledge and skill on.

    To give you an update on the progress from my previous requests, I have in the past few weeks had a few more people contact me, with one being a former employee, and all confirm the same story as you have been reading in these posts. Please do not waste your money on this software.


  • Seve says:

    I found this site doing some research into a very similar sounding trading software. Again they promise large profits, this time with an annual fee in the thousands. Apparently started in the US now available here in limited supply etc. Goes under the name CoolTrade with website as follows http://RoboticTradingSystems.com. A rehashed version of the same?

  • Julie says:

    Yeah the mongrels got me! I now have a certified money order from CTTT but don’t know where to send it! This all suks. I’m a single parent and right now I could scream! Hope they get what they deserve! I’m going to get on to ASIC and see what’s next. I have the directors address in QLD We could rally at his place and give this thief/loser a scare. I’m at the library or I would have posted it.

  • Julie says:

    The name of the Australian Director for CFS is
    BRUCE xxxxxx Sorry Julie – much as I detest these bastards, I cannot have names and addresses posted online.
    Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

    It’s ashame they can’t use their cleverness for genuine business. I hope these people are black-listed everywhere! I mostly dealt with an Adrian Barnes- seemed so helpful and honest!Apparently a bunch of losers and thieves!

  • Julie says:

    I was sucked in by CFS working out of Pitt St Sydney

  • logical says:

    They are still at it. They say it is a fully automatic program so should have a fixed outcome, yet when you ask how it performed in the year following the graph in the brochure they can’t tell you. They say performance will depend on how the user uses it. So how did they produce the graph in the brochure? It makes no sense.

  • jin xing says:

    Fascinating website. I use ESL for 18 months now and am doing ok. Surely some real comments probably by people that are somewhat misguided. The software I use is a great TOOL for assisting my trading. It’s not some magic formula and I apply my own knowledge to the process. Those that think otherwise are kidding themselves.

  • Peter says:

    “Jin” sent this comment from a computer using anonymizer to hide his real ip address. I would take this with a very large grain of salt!

  • William says:

    I to think Jin is a fake as the programe will not run without the data it has been shut down “welikedata”makeing the programe useless .even a quicker way to lose money than with the GFC

  • Jon says:

    This is only half the business they do which is unethical or unlawful. These people are low life crooks that think they are untouchable. There is obviously some of them with brains in there to avoid the law for so long!

    I will have to ask Peter what I can put up and what not for legal for obvisous legal reasons.


  • Jon says:

    Mind the mistake in the second paragraph.

  • Leanne says:

    To avoid being contacted in the first place by a telemarketing scam, it’s a good idea to put all your contact phone numbers (including mobiles) on the federal governments do not call register. Once your details are on the “do not call register” telemarketing companies cannot call you for six years, unless you have requested that they call you. Charities can still call you. The website to list your phone number on the do not call register is here: http://www.donotcall.gov.au

  • Jon says:

    Everyone seems a bit quite keep the pressure on these guys they will crack and make a huge mistake.

  • Jon says:

    jin xing can you please tell me what ESL stands for?

    I received a call from a telemarketer claiming to be from OP Solutions after quizzing the lady on the phone on how she obtained my number and receiving a bunch of lies I asked what the OP stood for which she had no idea. I did eventually asked for a brochure to be sent out. A couple of months later I started receiving calls on the brochure.

  • 5o says:

    hi there!

    i used to work for an esl company call op solutions. when i first started it was called op solutions. due to unknow reasons…we changed names to o.p.s. when first employed i was told nothing about what i was telephone marketing for. what we did was cold call australian businesses & residential home owners. just saying to people that we are mailing a brochure out and to confirm details, names, addresses, and if they had access to $8k. we all worked on abns, the business name ops and op solutions doesn’t exsist. the sales team where our qualified leads went to, traded under several different names. they worked downstairs underneath us. I often saw some of the sales staff, and now know that one a few of the sales staff have been friends with rhys for years, they have taken holidays together. and have been seen in pictures together posted on facebook over 3 years ago. even though ops only started business last year. when we would call people to qualify warm leads, if someone asked me where i was calling from i was told to lie and say sydney. we didnt have an office in sydney. the director of the company, rhys adams. from new zealand. would come into the office most days when he was in town. apparentely he is doing the same thing over in u.k. the call centre i was working in now cold calls the uk offering the same deal. before i quit my position at ops i mailed myself out one of these so called brochures. it arrived. sure enough with the logo ESL. i researched the company website. very new website was only made last year. they have all the legit things on there. i also called the number. sure enough it was a 1300 number, which went straight to a mobile. a young lady answered, and it was the receptionist downstairs. I knew all along that this place i worked at was all shit. but untill my supervisor quit randomeley i didnt know how bad it was. these people have brought an algarythym for a asoftware program, to allow people to trade there money daily. it doesn’t work. the algarythym is all shit. it makes out like u have turned your 50k into 200k in 3 months. but then u go to pull your money out and ohhh nothing… u cant. the point of this story is. my boss wasnt a boss. everything was secretive. they are a scam. they take money off dumb asses all over the world. if u have any common sense u will stay clear of any sort of telephone marketing calls.anyway op doesnt stand for anything. its just the two first letters that popped up in their heads. if anyone has been ripped off by these guys, and wants there address. u can find rhys and phil and the boys on surfers paradise blvd gold coast qld. inbetween the anz bank and australia shop. level 1 is where rhys spends most of his time and apparently this is where the sales are made. and level 2 is the marketing section. where all the cold calling is. if anyone gets a call from this company. ask them for their address on the gold coast, not the made up address for crows nest in nsw. anyway i never seen any corruption nor theiveing behaviour while i worked there. but i know my boss didnt quit just for the hell of it. my bodd realised who he was and didnt want anything to do with him or the company. as did i.

  • Keith Rowley says:

    Thanks for this page. Their brochure is quite amusing, citing as it does ASX performance over many decades. It us thus a good ad for broadly based, multiple sector unit trusts – not software that somehow ‘picks winners’! Furthermore, any software capable of performing this miracle would have to be fed a constant stream of contextual market information which would then be processed through an extremely high powered artificial intelligence that could exploit (and generate?) value patterns. I doubt such a machine is available. Banks and large investment houses on the other hand use extremely fast software based on trading patterns and transact in milliseconds, often at small, incremental and transient trends with performance a mere human could never ever match.
    This is an exploitative and evil deception that should be shut down.

  • ESLscam says:

    Adam not Adams

  • R. Ralph says:


    No, I DO NOT wish my name to be used publically regarding this matter — however I would be happy to assist with evidence if anyone ever gets serious about law-enforcement! Thus:

    (1) One key item is that the system produced advice to Buy-AND-Sell the same stock on the same day! I think I could probably reproduce that virtual-transaction.

    (2) I systematically manipulated the data (leaving most figures unchanged as the days went by), and the resulting advice was clearly inappropriate and inconsistent.
    I still have the fake data used for that purpose.

    I suspect that any “reverse engineering” of the software would reveal its processes to be akin to random-number generation. If so, surely no further evidence would be needed!

    On reflection, of course, there is little chance that such an amateur system (with its overnight delay) could systematically beat the professional market — even if its formulae etc were well founded.

  • Here is a link to ASIC where they report on another company called Connaught Investment Group that according to ASIC is attempting to scam would be traders into futures and other markets. Be very wary of cold calling as they call it cold calling for a reason.


    Oh and I am still waiting for someone who use this ELS software succesfully to trade to contact me. The only contact I get is from people who have been scammed.

    Dale Gillham

  • ESLscam says:

    A quick look at the ASIC site shows that OP Solutions mentioned above and another company previously mentioned (ESL Admin) has one shareholder and director. The person whose first name is Adrian is most likely just a dummy (in more ways that one) for the people really running this scam.

    Interesting that the UK ESL Admin was allowed to be dissolved thereby leaving any tax or VAT debt behind.

  • Jon says:

    It makes you wonder why they have dummy directors?

    For the people on this site saying how great and legit it is tell us why wouldn’t they be the director’s the people that running this so called great program.

    Or maybe the directors are the funders and running the business but thats something I strongly doubt.

  • ESLscam says:

    Here is a laugh! I was doing some research and stumbled across this blog.


    Obviously some stupid idea to divert identification by Travers. Do they not realise how long it would take for the search engines to even find this let alone rank it highly.
    They will go to any means to hide behind people and companies.
    I will have some very personal information on the main two scammers later.

  • Dave C says:

    Adrian is his real first name, but his surname will be fake.When I was working for CFS they all used fake surnames.

    The company will be registered under a dummy managing director.I heard in the UK they paid some random polish guy 10k to use his name for registering everything.So some innocent guy is probably in a lot if trouble now.

  • ESLscam says:

    Peter the co-operation of contributors is great. I have had some great pics of the arseholes behind this scam sent to me. They can be viewed at


  • Dave C says:

    I can confirm that is indeed Rhys and Ryka in those photos. I have another small pic of them I can send, if you give me an email adress.

  • ESLscam says:

    Dave C can you confirm a rumour that may or may not be true.

    Do Rhys and Phil also run a scam Cancer Treatment rund raising BS business using the telemarketers?

    Now this would be lowest of the low but I have reason to believe it is true.

    Did they also run a scam on Solar Heating where the door to door salesmen took a deposit and that was the last the customer saw of them

    Hey… and I hear the parents enjoy the benefits that millions of dollars on non tax, scam dollars produced. Can you confirm that too?

  • ESLscam says:

    Hey – I phoned the only Adam listed in the phone book (thank G for voip phones that dont cost) but was told quickly they were no relation. Indicated they knew the parents of a Rhys Adam and though they were in the phone book.

    Why have the parents gone from the phone book?

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