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I have written a couple of times about the JBC stock trading – stock market – share price prediction scam.

Nearly two years later, and after many complaints to regulatory authorities, they still seem to be in business.

JBC Global, CFS Live, and anything associated with them, are an outright fraud.

Some of the names given by its ‘senior analysts’ (telephone con agents) are: Paul Harvey, Chris Wallace, Mike Boyd, Bruce Jones, Scott Brennan, David Moore, Adrian Mathews, Gareth Hughes, Philip Duiker, Chris Davis, Danny Cook.

It is likely that these names are invented, as is the ‘senior analyst’ title.

JBC’s website is still active, but is now pretending to be wider than merely stock trading software. It claims to be a comprehensive business development group, offering software development, employment services, and project management. No matter where you enter your details on this site, you will receive a phone call offering to send you a brochure outlining JBC’s services.

This will be an impressive looking, professionally designed and printed brochure intended, like their website, to give an impression of wealth and stability. You will then receive a follow up phone call, offering you one of a very limited number of licenses. If you express doubts, you may be directed to scam websites which appear to review other, legitimate home business or investment packages, and which give glowing reviews, or even awards, to JBC’s program.

All of this is true of CFS cfs-live.com (I am not giving them a link). The same professional website, the same professional looking brochure, the same skanky con-men on the phone.

I suspect that cfs-live is simply a re-badged version of the JBC share price / stock prediction / share trading scam.

There are plenty of these swindlers around. The PCA (position cost averaging) system is another one, complete with its own fake independent review site at stocktradingeguide.com.

JBC and CFS are the stock trading scams which seem to be most active in Australia.

I am not sure why regulators and police seem unwilling or unable to do anything about these thieves. But as long as they continue to operate, ordinary Asutralians are losing their savings.

I intend to get in touch with A Current Affair or Today Tonight and suggest they do a story on JBC and CFS.

If you have been contacted by these groups, and would be willing to share your story, please add a comment using your correct email address (not visible to the public), or contact me – see my profile page for my email address.


CFS is definitely still active in Australia. I have received emails from a gentleman who spent $8900 in January to buy their programme. For $8900 he got a disk and a booklet, and a folder to put them in.

From his descriptions, the CFS package is identical to the JBC programme.

The software gives a points value to different stocks.  You are supposed to look at the points value and decide what to buy and sell.

The points value appears to be based on sudden movement of stocks up and down. For example if a stock has been stable for a long time and then suddenly drops, it will get a high points value – that is, a buy recommendation – on the basis that it is likely to come back up again just as quickly.

These are frequently very bad recommendations.

The recommendations are bad because the programme has no idea what is going on the real world. A stock that suddenly decreases in value usually does so for a good reason.

Stefan left this comment at one of the earlier JBC / CFS posts:

I’ve been contacted by a chris of cfs. He was trying to sell cfs end of day trading software. he gave me the websites gfmo.org homebusinessprofessionals.biz which have reviews of their software but the net has no links to these sites or to cfs which means they are all probably a bit dubious. His phone number was 1300 441 355.

GFMO and homebusinessprofessionals are  fake ‘independent’ websites, set up by JBC/CFS to reassure prospective buyers.

Referring prospects to fake sites to give an appearance of legitimacy makes it clear that the JBC or CFS packages are not  products offered in good faith.

Don’t fall for these scams!

393 Responses to “JBC Global, CFS Live, ESL Trader Stock – Share Trading Scams”

  • ESL Scammer says:

    You are on to it Neutral. It must be reputable.

    ESLsolutions.net was registered 17th July 2012 so that is a really old domain! Can’t seem to find the others on Google. Many ‘blog posts’ saying how great they have been removed and most of the Award sites were registered after the awards were won.

    Can you name one ‘reputable website’ that has favourable comments?

  • Paul Ryall says:

    Phillip Travers sems to be the main player in all these scams i hear you calling people losers. Hey ck tony and troy jd

  • Mark says:

    Hi Ive been approached by ESL and they are calling all the time, Is the office in sydney fake???

  • Maestr0 says:

    Thank God for you guys!
    We’re an Australian business that has been targeted by ESL also, and my curiosity was piqued for a few hours until i finally found the confirmation I needed that ESL is up to no good. You thankfully have saved me from this pain.
    I was actually similarly scammed by a UK internet advertising company last year (See.It.Click.it- scumbags!) and still can’t get my $2300 back from the bank..
    I’m now wondering if i’m on a list of potential suckers that gets passed around between various scamming organisations..
    Thanks again for taking your time to warn us.

  • Lifestyle Trader is another company that has been in trouble with ASIC and has an order against them. I have provided a link below to the ASIC order.


    They have now changed their name, or as they say entered into a contract for Investment Capital Systems (ICS) to run thier education,training and software business. See link below

    As you are away from the many posts in this chat, changing the name of a business, so you now have a “clean reputation” is a very common way that allows you to keep doing what you were doing before. that is until ASIC catches up with you again.

    Again, always do your research before entering into paying money over to those who promises great returns for little effort.

    Dale Gillham

  • Jon says:

    Nothing ever happens to these they probably having a good old laugh! People have to be hard nose about this do something go to there offices and speak to them.

  • Paul Ryall says:

    ‘paul’ I think If someone is setting Rhys and Phil up, you should call for legal advice if their good names are being tarnished they should sue. Do you know who it is? Looks like a mirror!

  • Jon says:

    Peter seems to have other projects going at this time but people still should keep posting if the find out any infomation.

    Just recently I’ve found out some more infomation on people involved I will asked Peter what I’m able to put up.

    Some infomation on a man named Adrian (I’ll leave his last name out for the time being) and his connection to OP Solutions and his connection to Rhys and Phil.

    I’ve had someone send a message to my email aswell so I believe someone I talked on this site leaked it.

  • john says:

    I have been contacted by a “Roberto” from ESL offering me the ESL trading software for $9200 with a guarnateed full money back refund after 12 months if not satisfied with the product.

  • Cheryl says:

    We have just invested with the same speil by a company called Eurosoft who we spent a couple of days researching and googling and couldn’t come up with any negetive information at all about. Every aspect of the sales pitch is as described above. The day we received the package, one day after paying 9500 on our credit cards, we were spending time with a friend, who just nodded, and said yes, yes, all through my discussion about a new investment. She had invested in CFS earlier in the year, to have the software work for 3 months (with no gain in capital, then all of a sudden the company wouldn’t return calls, emails, software no longer worked. We immediately cancelled our cards and have put a dispute in on the transactions with the credit card company and once we mentioned to Eurosoft that we want a refund, there is no contact, they won’t return calls, emails etc. Does anyone know if these companies are related? My husband finally spoke to a James today at Eurosoft who said we need to send the product back with a letter requesting refund. We will do this registered post with trepidation.
    Is there any hope to get money back through credit card company? Thanks

  • Dave C says:

    Having looked at their site (Eurosoft.info), and all the blog posts they have done, I am pretty sure this is the same people who are responsible for CFS/ESL/JBC etc. Their spiel is exactly the same, as well as the tactic of posting online pretending to be people who are inquiring about the product, and then responding by posing as someone who has used it. Undoubtedly, it’s a scam.

    They even do the same things on their site, such as a ‘secure login’ to make it look more official.

    They have also set up fake third party websites, such as stockexchangeassociation.com. It also is running in the UK and Australia, just like all the previous companies. This is a textbook setup by the same scammers.

    The company will use every delaying tactic they can when you ask for your money back (including just ignoring you). This is because their goal is to sell as much of the product as they can as quickly as possible, and then disappear.

    Does the software crash when you use it? The easiest way to get your money back from the CC company may be to show that the software is faulty.

  • Robert says:

    Do some research.

    1. There are several EuroSoft companies registered: Eurosoft Consulting Pty Ltd/Worldwide Pty Ltd/Services Pty Ltd

    The sole shareholder and Director of Eurosoft Services Pty Ltd is a Mark Thomson who’s it seems was born in Portugal in 1992. So he is 20 years old and what a great Portuguese name. I would suspect he is like the rest of the fronts for Rhys Adam and Phil Travers – a paid dummy director and probably one from overseas.

    This company was registered 13/09/2012

    2. The domain eurosoft.info was created 2004 so it has been waiting in the wings for some time. The registrant is named as Paul Taylor who supposedly lives at Unit #### Ebury Bridge Rd, London SW1W 8QX. Have a guess what this address is? PostBox Direct – yes a postal drop address so he does not live there. Typical scammer cover.

    However in Australia I have read they offer a money back guarantee. Well make is simple just make contact with sole shareholder and director (dummy front) Adrian Breckon. Now company records show he lives at #####, Surfers Paradise – The Circle on Cavill apartments. These same records have a telephone number of 0449 1##### but I doubt that is correct.

    But there is more. A Google search shows that this Adrian Breckon owns a company in New Zealand which in turn owns property. Now the address for the company seems to be his parents.

    Now you know that a good son would not deprive his parents of the opportunities this amazing software offers so I am sure they must use the program.

    Perhaps we could find out the contact details for Adam and Traver’s families and ask them for a recommendation.

    In the meantime get hold of this guy Breckon and ask for your refund.

    Note from Peter – I understand the frustration and anger, but we need to be very careful about putting private information including addresses and phone numbers on the internet. Contact details for family members are definitely out! Having said that, business addresses and phone numbers are fine – the more and the more detailed the better. If you have specific information, contact police and current affairs/news programmes. Even telling your story here will help make it harder for these pigs to keep getting away with it.

  • Cas-Gas says:

    I have a money order from the CTT against ESL, which I now don’t know what to do with. No point wasting money trying to serve it at Farrier Place, they only exist there when it suits them. ie the return mail they don’t want saying they have moved but keep the stuff they do. I was interested to read that there was a post mentioning Eurosoft as the newest incarnation and Adrian Breckon was the director of that company, He is also the director of ESL admin Chatswood which was the company that processed the credit card payment for the ESL purchase. The Chatswood address for that company held with ASIC however appears to be bogus. Breckons address is listed as Unit #### Avenue, Surfers Paradise. The previous director of this company was Paul Daniel Ryall. Any suggestions how I might proceed

  • Dave C says:

    Rob – I expect the $18900 is their starting figure. They usually then make you an offer that you can pay half up front, and half at the end of the year when you have made lots of profit. This is an attempt to make people think they are getting a deal, and of course to imply that the company will still be around in a year. However if they think you have a lot of money, they might try and take you for the full $18900.

    There is a guy called Adrian who used to work for CFS as a salesman, however he was no good so he got put in customer service, as he was one of Rhys’ best friends from home. So it does not surprise me that someone called Adrian is involved in the Eurosoft scam.

  • Peter Brown says:

    Below is the Facebook pages of some of the people behind the scam:

    Troy Moncrieff – http://www.facebook.com/troy.moncrieff

    Rika Adam – http://www.facebook.com/rika.adam

    Dave Oneil – http://www.facebook.com/dave.oneil.509

    Phil Travers – http://www.facebook.com/phil.travers.585

    Also it’s not just us Aussies who have been caught out by the scam, there is plenty of British people who have been ripped off: http://www.lovemoney.com/qanda/question/123470/have-you-heard-of-cfs-trading-system

  • Robert says:

    Gas Gas you have Adrian Breckons address so serve the papers on him. Addresses have been posted for Rhys Adam so serve him or track his rego RA1 and serve that address.

    Just look at the work done on the Eurosoft BS:






    It seems that this rubbish plus the slanderous posts and blogs about people who expose Adam and Travers and Breckon are written by a member of the Customer support team – a Gail Tagarro. Google her and find out more.

    These guys put a lot of effort into scamming but then again they make millions, pay no tax and ave family and friends look the other way.

  • Robert says:

    Peter, do we have selective nomination of people involved in the scam now? Moderation or censorship?

  • Peter Brown says:

    Robert, those were the only Facebook pages of some of the scammers that I could find. I would have posted Rhys Adams Facebook page if I could find it, so instead I posted his wife’s Rikas facebook page as she works for the company, and in my opinion she’s no better than her husband Rhys.

  • Dave C says:

    Chris Kelly who is one of the salesman, and a part owner in the company, can also be seen in Troy’s pictures.Looks like they have been made private now though.

  • Robert says:

    I understand that Rika Adam is a shareholder in the hairdressing salon [email protected] – a good way to hide some money. The address is : Shop 10, The Rocket, 203 Robina Town Centre Drive (corner of Laver Drive), QLD, 4226.
    Perhaps you could call in there and ask for a refund?

    Tell me would the parents getting their mortgage payments made by these scum be up for proceeds of crime confiscation? Perhaps we should ask the police?

    Thanks for the Chris Kelly confirm Dave. CK eh?

  • Peter Brown says:

    http://www.harryomerosscammer.com/ – A great website dedicated to Harry Omeros and his Gold Coast investment companies. Well worth a read.

    Also Gold Coast former Pastor Alan Davenport (an ex-bankrupt) who previously headed Reach out For Christ in Perth was arrested at his luxury waterfront home on the Gold Coast after a lengthy police investigation. The arrest came 11 months after detectives raided the Gold Coast offices of Mr Davenport’s WTS (World Trade Systems), and the homes of several employees. Police said the investigation followed complaints that “large numbers” of WTS investors from around Australia had lost more than $10 million in the sports arbitrage scheme — in which customers were offered “guaranteed” wins by spreading their bets on all possible outcomes with different bookmakers. WTS investors allegedly were offered a low-risk and tax-free income and invested an average of $20,000 to $80,000 in the scheme. WTS offered investors a “100 per cent money-back guarantee” and its website proclaimed it was “impossible to lose your money with WTS”. The court was told Alan Ernest Davenport had previously served a jail sentence for two counts of fraud in Western Australia. Alleged victims included a Gold Coast pensioner who said he had invested almost $50,000 in the scheme. Source: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/alan-davenport-charged-over-online-sports-betting-scam/story-e6freoof-1225818210674 and http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/fraudster-masterminded-multimilliondollar-bet-scam-court-20100112-m492.html

  • Jason says:

    I have had two guys calling me from Eurosoft Sharetech who were offering the same package originally at18900 and then tried to get me over the line at 5500. With the guarantee that if I didn’t make 30000 in six months I would owe nothing and my money would be refunded. The big pitch was to get you earning 150k and become a day trader. It was the same high pressure sales technique, at the start it sounded too good to be true. I’m glad I found this page, it reinforced my concerns about these guys.
    The account managers name is “Roberto Lucciano” and their operating address is Level 12 Bligh St Sydney, 1800 797 036. I have some mobile phone numbers too 0424048636 and 0404076811, the other number belonged to an English guy calling himself Simon.
    I hope this helps some of you who lost out to these guys.

  • jj marshy says:

    Peter Brown…you need to think before you write, don’t believe the lies written about Harry Omeros on the internet, they are all embellished. I worked for Harry for two years and in that time I know that he looked after his clients very well. There has been a hate campaign run against Harry for years, people are out there saying all sorts of things about him which are not true. It is a blatant attempt to discredit him and it runs right through to people in the media. There has been lots of heresay but nothing has ever been proved against Harry. Why? Because he hasn’t actually done anything wrong, it’s just junk being said about him on the internet and probably because those people are jealous.

  • Rob F says:

    Nice try, Harry.

  • jj marshy says:

    I’m not Harry, my name is James, but that’s typical, people would rather slander Harry than admit he is a legitimate businessman. Peter Brown and Rob F, do you actually know Harry, or are you basing all your opinions on what you read somewhere on the internet?

  • jj marshy says:

    Just to add, I actually know Harry Omeros and he is a stand up guy. If you don’t know him than you shouldn’t just jump on the bandwagon because you read somewhere that he is doing the wrong thing. For all we know the stuff you have read and are basing your opinions on could have been written by a business rival, a jilted ex-lover, the ex boyfriend of a current girlfriend, a disgruntled ex employee or anyone that might gain by tarnishing his reputation or is just plain jealous. When you then write stuff based on the lies you have read it just compounds the problem. The people who know Harry know that it is all rubbish, but unfortunately that doesn’t stop the people who don’t know him that well from believing the lies and forming an opinion based on the misleading statements of a few cyber bullies.

  • Mitch says:

    it’s interesting that the main player is yet to be mentioned. This is microcorp all over. I don’t know much about Harry Omeros, but if he has a share in Omeros Brothers Seafood restaurant than he must have done ok, but he is small fry compared to Jamie Pickering. Jamie Pickering kicked off Tomato Technologies and made millions from selling software. Tomato was a publicly listed company, how do you like that…Jamie was behind microcorp and still has involvement in a number of companies. You can’t read a newspaper without seeing him mentioned for buying up penthouses and night clubs so business must be booming for him.

  • MW1 says:

    censorship is a joke…i name the main player and you don’t publish it…is this one of your forums jamie?

  • MW1 says:

    5th attempted entry…keep naming the main player but my entries don’t get posted. jamie from tomato tech all over…check it out. unfortunately my other entries with more detail don’t get published. jamie likes to keep his nose clean.

  • Peter says:

    Sorry Mitch. Not censorship. Certain names and words are set to go to moderation, and I had not had a chance to check entries for the last few days. Cheers, Peter

  • Peter says:

    I agree. Julia Gillard is certainly one of the worst Prime Ministers Australia has ever had. But for columnists to rely on or even refer to Larry Pickering when criticising her or her policies does nothing for their credibility, and simply makes them look lazy or dishonest by association.

  • Robert says:

    Lets not take our eye of the ball here. I suspect Gail and Phil Travers have arranged this little diversion so Eurosoft is not talked about.

    The structure as I understand it is Larry Pickering through Dave O’Neil sells the ‘product’ to Travers and Adam. So Larry is still in the action.

    Rumour has it that Adam has returned to the UK to look after Eurosoft there and gone into business with family.

    Travers, Breckon, King and Moncrieff will take care of the Australia.

    The reason the change is a belief that they can’t get caught for missrepresentation because once they sell the 400 licences they change the brand. Mind you each 400 licences is worth, to them, $3.5 million which is easy money but not for the victims.

  • Peter says:

    Just in case anyone has missed it, I have written a new post more spcifically about the new Eurosoft version of this scam.

  • Norm says:

    Did some searches on Google and found this site:

    Look at some of the UK directors associated with Eurosoft.

    Short name – Adrian Breckon
    Director ID : 917171794
    Year of Birth: 1981

    Short name – Rhys Adam
    Director ID : 911493392
    Year of Birth: 1980

    Short name – Rhianwen Adam
    Director ID : 913648041
    Year of Birth: 1982

    They also have UK addresses available.

  • Norm says:

    Found this other site which seems to be the same person who wrote the defamatory stuff about Peter. Certainly worked for Adam and Breckon in customer support.

  • Dave C says:

    When I heard Rhys was back in the UK, I thought I would check to see if Eurosoft are recruiting. Found something interesting straight away:


    No company name given? Check. Looking for people with finance knowledge? Check. Vague advert appealing to money-driven people? Check.

    Not saying it’s definitely Eurosoft, it could easily be another shady company, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Peter Brown says:

    Here is an online advert looking for staff for there Surfers Paradise office: http://www.jobsearch.com.au/job/Telemarketer-54a39203c1dbd2e9

  • Peter Brown says:

    Norm and others. I have visited Gail Tagarro Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/gail.tagarro and she is Facebook friends with Rhianwen Adam and Merrilyn Adam who both have Rika Adam listed as there Facebook friend, SURPRISE SURPRISE. Just incase you don’t know, Rika Adam is Rhys Adam’s wife who works for the company. So it’s no surprise that this Gail Tagarro would be involved in the scam.

  • Norm says:

    Do a Linkedin.com search for Gail Tagarro and it confirms the above listing. She proudly lists OP Solutions as her current jobs. OP Solutions owned by Adrian Breckon employs the telemarketers and salespeople. Adam and Travers are ’employed’ byt this company.

  • Peter Brown says:

    I was under the impression that Adrian Breckon is simply just a telemarketer for OP Solutions who happens to be close friends with Rhys and Rika Adam, not the owner. Sure your correct? As I don’t believe he is the actual owner of OP Solutions. Anyway here is his Facebook page, there’s also pics of him on his page: http://www.facebook.com/aj.breckon

  • Peter Brown says:

    I’ve done some quick research on Op Solutions. I went to the online white pages and typed in Op Solutions and in the business listings it comes up with two telephone numbers: first is 0755262377 and the second is 0755923755. I typed in the first number 0755262377 in Google and in the search results second from the top is a website called the diggy guide directory and it lists a company called “Gold Coast Card” with an contact address, here’s that diggy guide website: http://www.diggyguide.com.au/business/14/641724.html – So I went to the Federal Govt ABN lookup website and typed is Gold Coast Card as the company name and it brings up a listing with the trading name called: Roll Promotions and the entity name is listed as: Mark Tippett as an individual/sole trader, and the post code is listed as 4218. So a quick search of Mark Tippett on the Gold Coast brings up this guy: http://www.facebook.com/mark.tippett.52 – So who is Mark Tippett? And what is Roll Promotions?

  • Norm says:

    Peter have they somehow disabled your submit action or was my link just not acceptable?

    Peter Brown, Breckon is the owner as far as ASIC is concerned. As you know Adam and Travers have others front so if there is trouble they are not involved. They select ‘friends’ for this honour.

    I wonder what the friends and families think of the way these scum work? Do you think they understand or know?

  • Peter Brown says:

    Norm – People will do anything for the right amount of money, these sales people and managers are likely to be earning at least 150 grand a year for only working part-time hours. Once they start making sales, the money is so good that they can’t stop no matter what there conscience is saying.

  • Norm says:

    Peter it is disappointing you did not allow my last post with the url link. I think it important that people know who Rhys,Rika,Gail,Phil,Troy,Chris,Dave,Adrian et al are and they can see for themselves who they are dealing with.

    Those interested in seeing the scum bags in photo do a search of Rika Adam on Google and you will see her pics and those with Rhys.

  • Peter says:

    Not sure which comment you are talking about Norm – I don’t think I have disallowed anything you have posted. It may have got caught in the spam filter. Try again if you like and I will check for it.

  • ? says:

    who’s dave?

  • ? says:

    is that sally’s husband?

  • Norm says:

    Why don’t you tell us? Great name by the way

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