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I have written a couple of times about the JBC stock trading – stock market – share price prediction scam.

Nearly two years later, and after many complaints to regulatory authorities, they still seem to be in business.

JBC Global, CFS Live, and anything associated with them, are an outright fraud.

Some of the names given by its ‘senior analysts’ (telephone con agents) are: Paul Harvey, Chris Wallace, Mike Boyd, Bruce Jones, Scott Brennan, David Moore, Adrian Mathews, Gareth Hughes, Philip Duiker, Chris Davis, Danny Cook.

It is likely that these names are invented, as is the ‘senior analyst’ title.

JBC’s website is still active, but is now pretending to be wider than merely stock trading software. It claims to be a comprehensive business development group, offering software development, employment services, and project management. No matter where you enter your details on this site, you will receive a phone call offering to send you a brochure outlining JBC’s services.

This will be an impressive looking, professionally designed and printed brochure intended, like their website, to give an impression of wealth and stability. You will then receive a follow up phone call, offering you one of a very limited number of licenses. If you express doubts, you may be directed to scam websites which appear to review other, legitimate home business or investment packages, and which give glowing reviews, or even awards, to JBC’s program.

All of this is true of CFS cfs-live.com (I am not giving them a link). The same professional website, the same professional looking brochure, the same skanky con-men on the phone.

I suspect that cfs-live is simply a re-badged version of the JBC share price / stock prediction / share trading scam.

There are plenty of these swindlers around. The PCA (position cost averaging) system is another one, complete with its own fake independent review site at stocktradingeguide.com.

JBC and CFS are the stock trading scams which seem to be most active in Australia.

I am not sure why regulators and police seem unwilling or unable to do anything about these thieves. But as long as they continue to operate, ordinary Asutralians are losing their savings.

I intend to get in touch with A Current Affair or Today Tonight and suggest they do a story on JBC and CFS.

If you have been contacted by these groups, and would be willing to share your story, please add a comment using your correct email address (not visible to the public), or contact me – see my profile page for my email address.


CFS is definitely still active in Australia. I have received emails from a gentleman who spent $8900 in January to buy their programme. For $8900 he got a disk and a booklet, and a folder to put them in.

From his descriptions, the CFS package is identical to the JBC programme.

The software gives a points value to different stocks.  You are supposed to look at the points value and decide what to buy and sell.

The points value appears to be based on sudden movement of stocks up and down. For example if a stock has been stable for a long time and then suddenly drops, it will get a high points value – that is, a buy recommendation – on the basis that it is likely to come back up again just as quickly.

These are frequently very bad recommendations.

The recommendations are bad because the programme has no idea what is going on the real world. A stock that suddenly decreases in value usually does so for a good reason.

Stefan left this comment at one of the earlier JBC / CFS posts:

I’ve been contacted by a chris of cfs. He was trying to sell cfs end of day trading software. he gave me the websites gfmo.org homebusinessprofessionals.biz which have reviews of their software but the net has no links to these sites or to cfs which means they are all probably a bit dubious. His phone number was 1300 441 355.

GFMO and homebusinessprofessionals are  fake ‘independent’ websites, set up by JBC/CFS to reassure prospective buyers.

Referring prospects to fake sites to give an appearance of legitimacy makes it clear that the JBC or CFS packages are not  products offered in good faith.

Don’t fall for these scams!

393 Responses to “JBC Global, CFS Live, ESL Trader Stock – Share Trading Scams”

  • Norm says:

    Peter Brown, what are your suggestions for targeting the Adam family in Europe with Eurosoft? I understand from one contributor here that the whole family is involved. We have the sister (I presume) listed above as a director so probably the whole dang lot are involved.

    The FSA must have an interest surely.

    Let us not forget that Travers and co will still be scamming in Australia. Moncrief and King have been doing this for years so target them. I hear King is a little wimp.

  • Norm says:

    Sorry I should have said subversive for Travers.

  • Peter Brown says:

    Norm and Robert, who is this “King” person you are referring to?

  • Norm says:

    Chris King – aka – CK. A close (if you understand) friend of Travers! He has been with the scam for many years.

  • Norm says:

    Dave said previously “Chris Kelly who is one of the salesman, and a part owner in the company, can also be seen in Troy’s pictures.Looks like they have been made private now though.”

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  • Reporter says:

    Hot penny stocks is a below what standard Eurosoft can offer, you may as well flip a coin, david Heward and sally Heward are very much in the mix of the whole operation, they together sell horse racing predicting software, something kevin robinson runs from abroad, no doubt with RhysAdam and Phil Travers as well. There is a brother involved to I have been told off line, he may be in Thailand with his wife though.

    I will get you pics of all involved shortly

  • Reporter says:

    It’s Chris Kelly by the way, He has directorships in the UK after searching the former link for company direcors

  • Peter Brown says:

    Dozens of AFL footballers are among investors feared to have lost up to $1 million in betting syndicates run by a smooth-talking horse racing industry figure. Some of the biggest names in the game are furious after ploughing money into the punting schemes.

    Gold Coast Suns veteran Campbell Brown is known to be one of a number of players owed as much as $20,000. As many as 50 players have been hit, including possibly a dozen each from St Kilda and West Coast owed money. The biggest creditor, a star among the game’s elite performers, is said to be down $200,000.

    Michael Doughty, recently retired from Adelaide Crows, also is owed thousands of dollars. Players and coaches nationwide are becoming increasingly frustrated by a lack of returns after being lured by the Queensland-based operator’s promises.

    Some investors believe bets were never laid on their behalf, generating speculation they were the victims of a scam. Many players have given up hope they will get their money back.

    Many were lured into the scheme after exchanging tips with the man that were often successful. They were then advised to invest a sum of thousands of dollars, of which 10 per cent was gambled each week. Their initial investments grew weekly, with detailed accounts information emailed to them each week.

    But suspicions grew when some horses were listed in incorrect races, with many believing the bets were never laid. Players say the operator has for months refused to answer calls, promising returns on specific dates then failing to deliver. One former champion said some had lost six-figure sums.

    “We started winning with him but we couldn’t get our money back. After a while, we realised this just wasn’t adding up,” he said. “I haven’t got a cent yet. A couple of clubs had syndicates of 10 or 12 players. You just keep hearing more stories.”

    Mum and dad investors have also been left out of pocket. Some are understood to have contacted police and sought advice on how to recover their money through civil courts.

    FROM: http://www.news.com.au/top-stories/footballers-caught-in-1-million-horse-racing-scheme/story-e6frfkp9-1226499763251

  • Beth says:

    Are these scammers back in the uk………

  • Norm says:

    Who knows anything about a person called Tamika (spelling may not be correct). She is the accountant and bag lady for these scum bags

  • Norm says:

    I had an interesting discussion with the AFP last Friday. It took 2 months to get to this point I might add.
    We discussed proceeds of crime and how it may relate to the CFS/Eurosoft scam. The AFP are aware and are looking at the scam and the people involved including those who have moved offshore.
    We discussed University fees for daughters and sisters and how they could be clawed back and if the Universities should be warned that the fees could be in breach of the law (they say a warning could be made by a member of the public as it would then sit on the record for ever). We discussed parents money laundering and having household improvements paid in cash. We discussed paying mortgages offshore and how those could be held to be illegal. In particular we discussed Travers entre into the Gold Coast Nightclub scene and how the DJs being sponsored etc and other activities could be classified as proceeds of crime.
    It seems the investigations include Australia, NewZealand and England.
    I have been told, off the record, the investigations now include Australia, England, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Belize. Adam, Travers, Heward in particular are under the scope.

    If you have any information on the above describe it here.

  • Mike B says:

    Let’s hope these scumbags get bought to justice.

    I have dealt with Adam and his crew in person and would be happy to help investigations.

  • Reporter says:

    LOL, seriously RHYS A* and TROY M* and PHIL T* with the JAMES or DAVID H* gang going into the nightclub business! Phil weighs less than a pint of light beer, ADAM got booted for smashing over H* and now Mo*married some columbian who is with a Lawyer called Finn, I think, Might be Belinda.
    along with ADAM after he has left his wife, some investigators you lot are. It’s ADAM’s baby!!!!

    ***** Clipped

    Comment: On request I have removed some personally identifying information from the above comment. Accusations of criminal behaviour leave the accuser, and anyone who transmits the accusations, open to legal action if the claims are unfounded.
    The person who made the request claims that while Paul was a director of ESL, he has not been a director for some months, and that none of the others named in the two sentences I have removed ever had any association with CFS/ESL/Eurosoft. If this is the case, then it is not fair that they should be publicly named and associated with this scam.
    If you have evidence of criminal behaviour, please go to the police! If you have evidence that certain people are involved in the CFS/ESL/Eurosoft scam, please email it to me privately. I will add it to the collection, and continue to forward information to police and other authorities, and to media organisations. Or contact news organisations yourself. Or go and confront the bastards.

  • Peter Brown says:

    Reporter – thanks for the comment regarding the user Norm. I knew from his comments that he was intentionally placing misleading information on this website in an attempt to muddy the waters and to cause confusion as too who is really behind the scam.

  • Peter Brown says:

    Check out this website: http://www.eurosoft.info/
    And compare that to the ESL website here: http://www.esl-corporate.com/
    Then checkout: http://www.itsaus.com.au/index.html

    They all seem to be exactly same. All of the claims they make are virtually the same on all three websites. Even all three websites look to have been designed by the same person with mostly the same graphics etc.

    Anyway on the ITS website it lists an 07 contact phone number: 0730235051, so I typed in that QLD phone number into google and it came up with the phone number registered to: Crocodile Tyre Sales Pty Ltd – http://www.reverseaustralia.com/lookup/0730235051/ anyway here is the website link to Crocodile Tyres: http://www.croctyres.com.au/

    Could ESL and ITS and Croc Tyres be all owned by the same person? Other wise why would the Croc Tyres phone number be on the ITS website? All just a strange coincidence, I think not!!!

    Comment: I wouldn’t necessarily jump to that conclusion Peter. It is entirely possible that the ESL/Eurosoft/tisaus scammers simply put in a random phone number.

  • Gail says:

    Can’t say I feel sorry for Rika. What were you thinking girl? You know Rhys lies for a living, he lies to his friends and family. You went along with it. What would ever make you think he would treat you any differently?

  • Peter Brown says:

    After doing some research on ITS, It seems obvious that ITS is ESL with another name. I’m certain. This website has some info on ITS: http://smartmoneyguide.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/i-trading-systems-dodgy-or-not.html?m=1

    Also ITS (I Trading Systems) is located on the same floor as Croc Tyers in Brisbane:

    ITrading Systems, Level 20 HSBC Building, Brisbane.

    Crocodile Tyre Sales Pty Ltd
    HSBC Building, Level 20/ 300 Queen St, Brisbane QLD 4000

    Also a number of people have claimed that after purchasing the “investment” software claim the Credit Card payment shows up as OL Multinational. And also a quick search on google for OL Multinational brings up this website: http://www.olmultinational.com.au/

    Now finally an online search on OL Multinational brings up this website from the New Zealand Consumer magazine warning New Zealanders not to invest with OLM, check it out here: http://www.consumer.org.nz/news/view/horse-racing-investment

    So that is my justification for believing that ITS is ESL with another name!!!

  • Lorna says:

    If it helps, my visa card stated that the money went to Cyb/CFSworldwide.com but the internet has very confusing entries which do not relate to this company.

  • Peter Brown says:

    Another update guys, On the ITS website it has an 1800 phone number: 1800886590. Here’s the ITS website: http://www.itsaus.com.au/. Anyway the 1800 phone number is registed to Peterpan’s Adventure Travel, see here: http://www.reverseaustralia.com/lookup/1800886590/. A quick search of Peterpan’s Adventure Travel on google brings up the ACCC website where Peter Pan’s Adventure Travel Pty Ltd was found to have breached the Trade Practices Act 1974 for misleading information on pricing etc, see here: http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/894239

    So what we have is on the ITS website the 0730235051 phone number is registed to Crocodile Tyre Sales Pty Ltd in Brisbane and the 1800 phone number is registed to Peter Pan’s Adventure Travel Pty Ltd. Peter Pan’s Travel is also located in Brisbane at Level 4, 340 Adelaide Street. The ACCC lists Peter Pan’s Travel directors as Mr Matthew McCourt, Ms Mellanie Coppin and Ms Prue Coppin. The Managing Director Croc Tyres Pty Ltd is listed as: Bernie Fahey: http://au.linkedin.com/pub/bernie-fahey/60/314/792?trk=pub-pbmap

    Lorna, could you please provide more info such as the name of the company that they called themselves when they contacted you etc. The more info you can provide the better. Thanks

  • Peter Brown says:

    Also OP Solutions is now listed in the White Pages http://mobile.whitepages.com.au/business-listing/op-solutions-pty-ltd-1075755/brisbane-qld?ref=onlineRedirect as being at:

    69 Ann Street,
    Brisbane, 4000

    69 Ann Street is the North Bank Plaza building, with a number of offices located in it.

    There is two 1300 phone numbers: 1300728944 and 1300889255

    Here is the OP Solutions new website: http://opsdirectnetwork.com/ The website claims they are located at: Level 22, Northbank Plaza, 69 Ann Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 4000

    It’s very interesting what you can find by just typing a contact phone number into google.

  • Lorna says:

    CFS was the company name and the brochures were very well done. Information on internet confirmed that they were a company who had won many awards for helping individuals to earn money. We did not realise till they wouldn’t return calls that there was no BSB no on invoices and no company directors name or photo in the brochure. Needless to say there is no company listed and all info has disappeared from internet!! Sorry I can’t be of any more help.

  • Peter says:

    Thanks for sharing this Lorna. I guess you have realised by now that information on the web they told you to check was all part of the scam. This is part of the way they work, pointing people to positive reviews, awards, etc. But none of the awards really exist, and all of the reviews were written by them. Each time the name changes, new awards are invented and new reviews written. Very slimy.

  • Peter Brown says:

    Lorna – CFS is still in business, they are just operating under another name with different dummy directors etc. Call the SCAMwatch ACCC Infocentre on 1300 795 995.

  • Reporter says:


    A link that should should put these lies to rest, Peter if you are not afraid of a suit yourself then leave this post to stand, anyone can write anything on the internet, your site doesn’t even ask for proof of a valid email address, but a court can warrant an ip address for a massive law suit!

  • Reporter says:

    Proof straight away, I just copied another user’s name, a legit forum would deny the identical username of another forum user, this site is owned by Jamie Pickering..absolutely!

  • Peter says:

    Ahhh… You don’t need to register to post, so there are no registered usernames.

  • Jon says:

    Has anyone look into the involvement of Emy Stewart and Mel? They seemed to be running OP solutions office. I queried how my number was obtained and why did they want to know how much money I would have If I was ever going to invest in something. Both claimed my number had came up from recent investment (whatever that mean’t) but only Emy Stewart (If that’s her real name thats why I have a full name) seemed to know that it was about a sockmarket investment programme.

    I’m sure some of the office staff now more than let on.

  • Jon says:

    This is about 2 years back probably long gone.

  • Jon says:

    Well reading the posts which I haven’t done in long time looks like he’s back in England. The amount of people to scam over there is endless.

    Has anyone alerted AFP or Customs for the next time he arrives back so they could have a word with him. I’m sure he’s not mean’t to be able to live over here Australia (a lot of that is here say).

    The money he will make over there will make him a very wealthy scam bag.

  • Tony says:

    this is his new pad in london…. apparently he bought the place on stock market rises? a major return on the systems no.1 selection on BHP Oil last week…


    how do these guys always come up winning???????

  • Jon says:

    Haha! I think someone will stop them soon…

  • Jon says:

    God someone funny using my log name to put up some pic up. Did one of the group get a bit paranoid?

    Well who ever this is would you like to meet me to talk about whats offending you?

  • Peter Brown says:

    The following websites are well worth a visit, looks like the company has changed its name to: IGS Investments Pty Ltd. Same scam with a new name. Weblink: http://www.igsinvestmentsbetfair-ourexperience.com/ and other weblink: http://www.database-designs.com/Scam.html

    Has anybody heard of or had dealings with IGS Investments?

  • Peter Brown says:

    Tomato Technologies, floated on the stock exchange in January 2001 by Larry Pickering’s son, Jamie.
    Tomato sold stock-picking software that reportedly bore a resemblance to software packages circulating at the time, which were supposed to be able to pick the winners of horse races. The company denied the allegations, but listed just as the dotcom bubble burst and hurt its bottom line. It declared a $5 million loss in 2002. While it recovered and did reasonably well for several years, by the end of 2006 the company was again struggling. So it decided to change shape. Jamie Pickering (http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2011/01/31/287965_gold-coast-real-estate.html) sold his shares and left the board, and Asian Pacific Advisory, a financial services business associated with Gold Coast veteran Ric Hayter, was backed into the company. With the company renamed Asian Pacific Limited, Hayter and Brisbane Broncos founder Barry Maranta joined the board. Tomato director Ken Wybrow stayed on. Asian Pacific ran straight into the global financial crisis and was in voluntary administration by July 2008. And as a result everybody lost huge amounts of money.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/sun-setting-on-fraud-capital-of-australia-20130329-2gz30.html#ixzz2PpqSWUTT

  • Peter Brown says:

    I’ve done some more online research regarding the horse racing investment scams, and I’ve just discovered that back in 2005 the Hon. NICK XENOPHON questioned the legitimacy of a company called NOVA INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD in the South Australian parliament. The following is copied from Hansard:

    Question:The Hon. NICK XENOPHON:I seek leave to make a brief explanation before asking the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation, representing the Minister for Consumer Affairs, questions in relation to Nova Investment Solutions Pty Ltd.

    The Hon. NICK XENOPHON: I have been contacted by Neil and Elizabeth Hudson, a South Australian couple who were telephoned by telemarketers in mid-2004 on behalf of Nova Investment Solutions Pty Ltd, a company whose head office is based in Brisbane, Queensland. After expressing interest in the investment scheme operated by the company, Mr and Mrs Hudson received a glossy brochure referring to the massive returns of the `Logic 200 System’ with a number of benefits including `proven figures’.

    The scheme is, in fact, a horse racing tipping service based on a software program. The brochure goes on to state, `If you want to gamble, this is definitely not for you.’ It also boldly states, `If instructions are followed, the rewards are there for the taking.’ The Hudsons were also told that they were specially selected for this program and there were only two vacancies left to join the program nationally. As a result of representations both orally and in writing and a guarantee given by a company representative about the income they would receive from such a scheme, namely, that they would earn a $10 000 profit over eight months, the Hudsons parted with $3 000, their long saved for holiday money, as a downpayment on the program. After eight months in the scheme, not only did the Hudsons fail to earn the promised $10 000 but the $3 000 they invested was, in effect, worth*less.

    The Hudsons have been referred by OCBA in South Australia to the equivalent Queensland office, notwithstand*ing independent legal advice I have received from a commer*cial law barrister that the representations were made in South Australia as they were received and acted upon here. The Office of Consumer and Business Affairs web site provides a list of examples of such schemes, labelling them `scams’ but does not indicate what if any action has been taken against scam operators or any action to ban such schemes. My questions are:

    1. What steps have been taken to clamp down on such schemes, given the warnings on the OCBA web site?

    2. Why is there no warning on the OCBA web site about the company in question?

    3. How many complaints has OCBA received in the past three years about these schemes and what, in general terms, were the steps taken?

    4. Does the minister concede that OCBA has the jurisdic*tion to deal with such matters on behalf of South Australians stung by such schemes and would it be more appropriate for OCBA to take up the fight for South Australians ripped off by such schemes rather than referring them off to an interstate office?

    5. Has the minister considered making a formal complaint to ASIC over possible breaches of Corporations Law by the company and, in particular, whether there ought to have been a prospectus with respect to the offer made?

    Answer:The Hon. T.G. ROBERTS (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation): It sounds to me like a pirating scheme that needs to be investigated. Bearing in mind that speaking like a pirate was two days ago, I am a little bit late. It is an important question. Scams like these are drawn up and operate generally out of either a Gold Coast address or a Brisbane address, and it is difficult for state authorities to track them down but, with the use of the internet and complementary legislation, efforts are being made to try to keep those scams from reappearing periodically, which is generally what they do. The pressure gets hot, they go to ground and then they appear again. I will refer that important question to the Minister for Consumer Affairs in another place and bring back a reply.

    So maybe we should contact Nick Xenophon who is currently a federal govt senator and advise him of the current scams mentioned on this qohel website. Here’s the weblink for Nick Xenophon contact page: http://www.nickxenophon.com.au/contact

  • Jon says:

    Well something needs to be done its about time for Rhys and Phil do some prison time.

  • Peter Brown says:

    The relevant authorities don’t really care about these horse racing investment scams, otherwise they would have been shut down years ago. So I’d suggest contacting the independent senator Nick Xenophon and giving him a heads up on these scams. It would be the perfect opportunity for Nick Xenophon in election year to embarrass the current and former governments for failing to act on these scams which many have been operating for twenty or so years. So if you contact him please let me know what response you get.

  • Peter says:

    It looks like ASIC is finally taking some notice of these scams and the damage they do. Global Capital Wealth looks like the latest incarnation, though it may not be connected to JBC CFS ESL OP Solutions or IGS.



    It is hard to keep up with the name changes, so the best advice is: If you are suddenly and unexpectedly telephoned by somebody trying to sell you a financial product, you should:
    hang up the telephone.

  • Julie says:

    I live in Perth. I was scammed of $20K by ESL Financial Solutions. I can no longer contact ESL on the customer service line, neither are my emails replied to. I have a letter that came with the 2 CDs I purchased which has been signed by an Edward Robinson. Tony Anderson and Jim Andrews are other names. Please do not publish my surname.

  • i was ripped off by them too

  • Jenni says:

    I was ripped off by these people too and hope that justice is done to them. But obviously they have no morals. But i am more disappointed in myself that i always believe in the goodness of people… not to be scammed the way i was!!
    The names i had was Jim Andrews – Customer service manager, Brian J Chambers – Chief Operations Manager. Did they ever actually exist at their listed address or was that a lie too??

  • Peter Brown says:

    Ive done some more investigating of these scams online and it seems the company may have changed its name again. I have discovered a company on the Gold Coast called “Guardian ATS”, here is the website: http://www.guardian-ats.com.au. On that website it states “ELKK Enterprises Pty Ltd – T/A Guardian ATS is a Corporate Authorised Representative No. 424709 of Calibre Investments – ABN 18 136 960 775. Heres is the website for Calibre Investments: http://www.calibreinvest.com.au. I have also discovered this website warning people of Guardian ATS, heres the website: http://aussiescamalert.com/tag/guardian-ats-scam/

  • Jon says:

    DTL GLOBAL LIMITED. Keep an eye for this company this will pop up soon with something to do with what’s running in the UK.

  • Julie says:

    Anyone up for a class action against ESL? I’m finding that trying to tackle this alone is difficult and may prove to be unduly expensive. Don’t know if we can include all other ‘rebadged’ companies. Maybe somebody could advise. Please don’t publish surname. JT

  • Julie says:

    Has anyone made contact with their MLA requesting he make representations on their behalf to whatever Minister in the government is responsible for Consumer Affairs/Fair Trading or whatever the portfolio is called in your state?

  • folia ploterowa lubin says:

    What’s up, everything is going nicely here and ofcourse every one is
    sharing information, that’s actually good,
    keep up writing.

  • Peter Brown says:

    GREAT NEWS!!!! After years and years ASIC has finally busted a Gold Coast scammer. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has banned Mr Wilson, better known as Aussie Rob, from providing financial services and is warning the public not to deal with him. Mr Wilson was a director of proprietary companies operating in the financial service space including Aussie Rob Financial Services, Lifestyle Trader (Trader) and Lifestyle Investor Services (LIS) which sold share-trading software. I would not be surprised if “Aussie Rob” is linked to some of the scams mentioned on this website. Read More: http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2013/10/18/460243_gold-coast-business.html

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