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I haven’t posted anything for about three months now, and did not intend to.

But constant harrassment by the chief thugs at ESL/Eurosoft has prompted me to add a little more to previous discussions of those scams.

See earlier posts on their stocking trading software for background.

There are two reasons for writing again. Last time I added anything about JBC/CFS/ESL was over a year ago. While others have added comments since, I thought it was worth noting that the product name has been changed from ESL Trader to Eurosoft Trading. It is still the same fake stock trading, stock prediction software.

The name change seems to take place every couple of years. When it became widely know that JBC was a rip-off, it changed to CFS. After word began to spread that CFS was a scam, the name was changed to ESL. Now it is Eurosoft. The software and the people are the same. All the comments made on previous posts about JBC and ESL apply equally to Eurosoft Trading.

If you have been called by them, you should note especially that any websites they refer you to, eg My Money Magazine, Smart Business Service, etc., are fakes. The creation of superficially convincing fake websites claiming to have tested and approved or given awards to their software has been part of their practice from the beginning. See earlier posts for websites which gave glowing reviews to JBC, CFS and ESL –  all now defunct.

Writing fake reviews in the name of well-known financial journalists like Anthony Green or John Lloyd is another favourite method of deceiving potential victims. Don’t be fooled! Eurosoft Trading is a scam run by unscrupulous thugs who will promise anything to get their hands on your money.

The second reason for writing again, as I noted above, is that even though I have not written anything on this for over a year, Rhys and the other thieves at ESL Eurosoft continue to try to bully me into removing any information about their ESL Eurosoft stock trading software scam.

This has taken the form of harrassing phone calls, fake blogs and websites criticising my business or making accusations about me, constant attempts to hack into this blog, and signing me up for porn and casual sex dating sites using my real name and address.

Rhys, Gail, Rika, Phil, etc, do you really think this kind of behaviour is going to convince me you are decent, honest hard-working people, and that everything I and others have written about ESL/Eurosoft is wrong? Do you think that behaving in this way will convince others you are the kind of people they can trust and be confident doing business with?

If you spent half the energy and imagination on earning an honest living as you spend on stealing from ordinary people and harrassing anyone who calls you out for it, you would be well off and could have some self-respect as well.

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66 Responses to “Star Trader, JBC, CFS, ESL, Eurosoft Trading Scams”

  • ian says:

    Nik I did the same thing as you. I feel so stupid. Worst case for me was that it was borrowed money.I can’t believe that they can get away with blatant fraud . The authorities seem to do very little to prosecute them. Different if I owed a speeding ticket.
    I think your idea of a PI is a good one and should not cost us all very much. When we track the scum bags down we can give them the opportunity to pay up or ?????

  • Anonymous says:

    A new name change has happened. g-t-a.info is the latest website.

    Please post any experiences you’ve had here http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2278648

    That site ranks highly in Google so when a possible victim searches the company name, that thread with your experiences and warnings will show up and hopefully prevent them becoming a victim.


  • John Wolthers says:

    What can I say after reading the above, I feel so stupid but I got a lot of friends by the look of it. I to got scammed twice with the duel. Is their anything I can do to further report or expose these unethical you cant call them people. Anything I can further do to expose them would make me happy.
    John W

  • Gillian says:

    We’ve just dodged a bullet with GTA…would like to email you, Peter, and tell you the story. Can you reply with your email, please?

  • Mark says:

    I just got scammed on 31st of July 2014 woth GTA trading software 3 days ago, Im trying to find these guys give me info please, whats the best thing to do. How can I give you my detail so you can tell me where these scum bags are i want to find them. I just lost $19,350

  • Estelle says:

    Hi Everyone. Me too, I was scammed. Felt incredibly stupid and could not believe that any group could create such a web of lies. Secondly I thought i was protected under consumer law cooling off period, but it seems there’s no help there. So how to get our money back? We have to find them, prove it is the same people and get them stripped of assets. I would really love to see them behind bars. Has anyone been successful in actually meeting them face to face. How about getting together, hire a PI, find them and confront them. I’m happy to go to the media if they can track this crowd down, even if I look really stupid.

  • David Williams says:

    Thanks to Peter and others I have just saved some hard earned money and heaps of embarressment.Keep up the great work and thanks again.

  • Phillip says:

    I received a glossy brochure in the post today. Another fraudulent company has been born!! This one is called AF Services. They offer “ATP SPORTS TRADER – Our exclusive ATP Sports Trader identifies opportunities when bookmakers’ prices differ by a margin, enough to allow risk-free investments with guaranteed profit, AF COMMODITIES a Commodities Management System to help manage various portfolios including energy, precious metals and much more. AF OPTIONS – A fully automatic, Stock Options trading program which comes pre-defined with automatic trading strategies, perfect for the beginner trader or seasoned professional. AF FOREX – Our practical and easy-to-use foreign exchange trading program uses advanced market patterns to deliver to you the most accurate trades possible.” Sound familiar?

  • Chris says:

    Hi Guys,
    If this is Global GTA we are talking about, was almost sold, and I sell for a living!, warning bells started and I still have my $19300. Their address is shown as level 31, 120 Collins street, Melbourne. 120 collin street has three floors!!
    Do your research before parting with your hard earned because in most cases it aint coming back !

  • Phillip says:

    This morning, was contacted by a person living in Victoria who has purchased a product from GTA on Friday, 19th September. She has contacted her bank and may be lucky enough to receive a refund. Can’t understand why ASIC still lets this company operate!! Will be interesting to see if she does get her money back.

  • Michael says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Been round the block a few times and I nearly fell for this one.Especially you Pete, you have taken a bullet for many. Thank you for sharing and making it easier for the likes of me to make an informed call.

  • Russell says:

    GTA are on a sales drive. On 1/10/14 my wife received a large envelope in the mail, a 16 page black, red & white brochure. On 7/10/14 she had a call on her mobile from a GTA sales rep, he was checking to see if she received the brochure & what was her thought of the opportunity? He started his sales pitch but she told him he would have to talk to me! Being in road transport I would home on the 10/10th to ring. at 11am a sales rep contacted me going through the how , when & and now of the opportunity & I could purchase the software for $19400.00. I told him I would discuss it with my wife at 3pm when she was home from work , he told me their was only 4 software packages left for NSW & would check to see if he could hold 1 for me & PUT ME ON HOLD . When reconnected a man calling him self PETER SCOTT the GTA accountant said he that if I didn’t make $30,000.00 in 12 months they would refund the $19,400.00 & I could keep software & opportunity, I told him I would call back after I discussed it with my wife. At 5.15 pm they called back this time on my wife’s mobile and said all NSW were gone but has some left for NT left if I was ready to perches, I told him about the scam.

  • Anonymous says:

    HI Everyone,

    I too have been had for a large amount of money recently. I am reporting them to all authorities and will post back here if l have any luck with the ID or court cases. l also may go to current affairs and the media and will need some other victim testaments. If anyone is interested then please post back here. They are now operating under the name of gobaltech.global if you want to put the word out to the public.


  • Phillip says:

    Dear Anonymous – I was scammed of over $20K in 2012. I am part of a group of people who have already gone down the track of approaching just about every regulatory authority you can think of to no avail. The best approach you can make is to now contact your department of fair trading, consumer protection, or whatever it is called in your state. Basically, the regulatory authorities don’t want to know about these scams because they are too difficult and time consuming to deal with. Only today I was called by a woman in NSW who has paid out $500 to ‘secure one of the rapidly dwindling’ packages. My advice to her was to get her money back through her bank. If you paid via credit card you may be fortunate to get your money back. You may also like to review my previous entries for my contact details. Cheers, Phillip

  • Ruprect says:

    To all who have been scammed the people behind the scams involved are being investigated by the office of fair trading Jay Bishop would be your best contact

  • Fred says:

    Rubbish. How do they investigate the people behind it when they pay others to front the companies they use. Peter knows who really is behind these scams

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