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I haven’t posted anything for about three months now, and did not intend to.

But constant harrassment by the chief thugs at ESL/Eurosoft has prompted me to add a little more to previous discussions of those scams.

See earlier posts on their stocking trading software for background.

There are two reasons for writing again. Last time I added anything about JBC/CFS/ESL was over a year ago. While others have added comments since, I thought it was worth noting that the product name has been changed from ESL Trader to Eurosoft Trading. It is still the same fake stock trading, stock prediction software.

The name change seems to take place every couple of years. When it became widely know that JBC was a rip-off, it changed to CFS. After word began to spread that CFS was a scam, the name was changed to ESL. Now it is Eurosoft. The software and the people are the same. All the comments made on previous posts about JBC and ESL apply equally to Eurosoft Trading.

If you have been called by them, you should note especially that any websites they refer you to, eg My Money Magazine, Smart Business Service, etc., are fakes. The creation of superficially convincing fake websites claiming to have tested and approved or given awards to their software has been part of their practice from the beginning. See earlier posts for websites which gave glowing reviews to JBC, CFS and ESL -  all now defunct.

Writing fake reviews in the name of well-known financial journalists like Anthony Green or John Lloyd is another favourite method of deceiving potential victims. Don’t be fooled! Eurosoft Trading is a scam run by unscrupulous thugs who will promise anything to get their hands on your money.

The second reason for writing again, as I noted above, is that even though I have not written anything on this for over a year, Rhys and the other thieves at ESL Eurosoft continue to try to bully me into removing any information about their ESL Eurosoft stock trading software scam.

This has taken the form of harrassing phone calls, fake blogs and websites criticising my business or making accusations about me, constant attempts to hack into this blog, and signing me up for porn and casual sex dating sites using my real name and address.

Rhys, Gail, Rika, Phil, etc, do you really think this kind of behaviour is going to convince me you are decent, honest hard-working people, and that everything I and others have written about ESL/Eurosoft is wrong? Do you think that behaving in this way will convince others you are the kind of people they can trust and be confident doing business with?

If you spent half the energy and imagination on earning an honest living as you spend on stealing from ordinary people and harrassing anyone who calls you out for it, you would be well off and could have some self-respect as well.

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48 Responses to “Star Trader, JBC, CFS, ESL, Eurosoft Trading Scams”

  • liz jukes says:

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to post your information on the web, it has saved at least one person, ie me from falling for their fake offer.
    we are all a like guilty of trying to get money for nothing and by offering the sort of returns Eurosoft offer they know that some people will fall for it, thinking it is a little risk for a potential large gain. BUT if enough people think like that then it is not a little gain for Eurosoft it is a potential large gain of other peoples money.
    Thank you again for helping to save my money.

  • John Wilkins says:

    I have read various posts here in ergards to some not so legitimate companies. I have been with Eurosoft for over 3 years here in the UK and was pointed to this site by a friend who is looking into using the product.

    I can’t say anything positive or negative about CFS/JBC or the likes of the other firms mentioned here.

    I can say Eurosoft has been giving me a very good service since I started using them for IT support at my company though. And I would recommend them to friends and family.

  • Peter says:

    John I think the Eurosoft IT support company you are talking about is completely unrelated to Australian financial scam of the same name. It is not unusual for scammers to take the name, or a similar name, of a reputable company.

  • Tonia says:

    Hi Peter, in researching a company called Eurosoft Pro Tracker I stumbled across your site, I have been harrassed by these people for days! by Simon Taylor 1800797036, they are spruking word for word what CFS and JBC have said? is it also a scam by the same people? I would like others to be aware if they are?


  • Tony says:

    Thank you for writing your review of Eurosoft! You saved me from paying $18,000!!!

  • Jane says:

    My dear 83 year old father was phoned up, out of the blue, a few weeks ago by eurosoft. The salesman did a great job on him befriending a very vulnerable person. My dad even told him how vulnerable he was explaining that he full time cares for his wife – my mum – who has severe Alzheimer’s. That he has also just got through chemottherapy for lymph cancer. The salesman assured dad that he would get rich, that there were only 100 copies left, and that even though dad was computer illiterate he could easily work the program. Dad paid $18 000, told my sister the next day who then immediately faxed the company, sent emails, tried to phone to say he didn’t want it. No contract, no cooling off period, no reply, money gone.

    I cannot believe that this company can remain doing what it’s doing after reading these posts and other articles on-line. Preying on elderly people at their most vulnerable time has to be the lowest anyone can go and I hope that the people who have my dad’s hard earned money find peace and happiness as they spend it – although karma generally prevails – for that is how my dad would have spent HIS money. Isn’t it about time the media exposes this company so that more innocent people can be saved from these people?

  • Peter says:

    Hi Jane. I am saddened to hear this. Police and regulatory agencies seem unable or unwilling to do anything about this blatant and callous scam.I have been trying for years to interest the TV current affairs shows. Your father’s story might be one they will take an interest in. Please contact A Current Affair or Today Tonight. Letting people know about this gang of scumbags may not stop them, but it will make their thievery more difficult, and may even get your father his money back. Let us know how you go.

  • Doug says:

    I was approached cold call hard sell sounds too good to be true only 2 programs left in victoria. They want $18000.00 for the eurosoft advantage pack if i buy now you only have to pay $4950.00 and the rest when you make your first 30000.00. Couldnt resist so i paid the $4950.00 this was on a friday night so i had some time over the weekend to think about what the hell i just done. I looked on the internet and it came up a bit dodgy so i sent the unopened parcell back when it arrived and demanded my money back now the fun started, wont return my calls wont give my money back they said they didnt recieve it this was over a month ago im thinking of flying to sydney and doing some damage. The man behind Eurosoft in Sydney is James the girl that answers the phone is trained well and just fobs you off its all a bit of a scam, do not touch Eurosoft

  • Doug says:

    Further to my last post I still have not recieved a refund the scammer behind eurosoft in Bligh st Sydney is mark Thompson he is the person responsible for stealing my money. I’m am taking my case to vcat. Oh and by the way i found out where you live Mark i will wait for you at home it’s not hard when you know people at Telstra same goes for you James

  • Julie says:

    Tks for publishing my surname, which I ask to have supressed.

  • Jules says:

    Anyone up for a class action against these crooks?

  • Doug says:

    I’m off to vcat on the 9th of oct so I will let you all know the results
    All I want is the address of where the scumbag who has my money is I’m offering a $500.00 reward for the information that gets me face to face with the prick

  • DOUG says:


  • Doug says:

    Anyone trying to get there money back from eurosoft I suggest you find out what account your money went into and who owns the account as you have to have 100 points of I’d to open an account. Eurosoft have been using the NAB to operate from different account holders, find out who owns the account then take the individual to court or turn up at there house and beat the living shit out of them with a bat

  • Doug says:

    Well I had a call from a lady today with regards to the great scam the new name is NETWAY SOLUTIONS or OWS this is the same scam as EUROSOFT the same bloody dodgy websites same award winning software by fake websites. When are these people going to learn the offer still stands $1000.00 reward that gets me face to face with the person behind this scam, and I got my money back. I will personally put them in the boot of my car hog tied and bring them to each and every person that has been ripped off by them and I promise to remove the fingers of the scammer and feed them to my dog. Who wouldn’t dob you in for a grand you son of a bitch.

  • J says:

    I just received the brochure from OWS from a guy called Anthony Mitchell (Senior Analyst).

    OWS address states Tower 2, Floor 20 Darling Park, 201 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000. Anyone can verify it’s existence?

    Very persistent in getting me onboard this trading programme but I told him I wanted to read about you first. He’s gonna call me again on Friday as I told him being in WA, the brochure hasn’t arrive yet.

    Anyway I took the time to read the brochure and did my sums on their buy/sell trading figures.. guess what.. I think they got a 3 year old to randomly add the sums up. All calculations were incorrect.

    If Anthony Mitchell is seeing this, I know you will be hesistant to call me on Friday because I am so waiting for it you son of a bitch.

  • Deb says:

    Oh No! I’ve been had, well and truly. I thought I had some intelligence, but clearly I wasn’t thinking straight on Friday. Lovely ‘Sarah’ had me suckered from the beginning – same line as the posts above. only 3 left in SA, pointed me to the glowing websites and awards. As there was no way I could afford the $18k, I was ‘offered’ the Performance Protection plan – pay half now and the balance once a profit of $30k achieved. Can’t lose right??
    I am a stupid woman who should know better but things are so tight financially – amazing what the thought of ‘easy’ money does to you.
    So please – can you please advise me how to get my money back?

  • Peter says:

    Deb you should ring your bank ASAP and ask for a charge-back. If you explain that you were misled by the caller, and that the product purchased is a known scam which is being investigated by police, they should be willing to help. If not, call your state consumer protection service. Good luck!

  • Scammed says:

    After reading David O’Neil’s poignant letter again, I have two pieces of evidence that reveal monies have been paid into his account – both at different branches of the NAB in NSW. I’d like to thank David’s lawyers for taking this matter to the AFP as it has saved me the job. No matter how insignificant a role you have played David, you are still involved. When you were telephoned by Doug you advised him that you would call another man (John Simpson) and Doug luckily retrieved his money. So, to take the heat off yourself, why not reveal more details of your pal, John. I probably contact the AFP and enlighten them further.

  • PETER says:

    Feel like a real dickhead.Gave up 18900 back in March.Should of realised something was wrong when they said they would refund the money if I didn,t make 30000 in the first 12mths.Even have a letter signed by Martin Gibson CFO confirming this.They got me good.They are not answering phones now so anyone with some advise on how to catch up with these scumbags would be appreciated.I do like the sound of Doug’s plan but would prefer to get money I had to borrow back first.Thanks EUROSOFT!

  • Doug says:

    Peter your money probably went into David Oneils account like mine contact John Simpson tell him you want your money back or take David Oneil to court ring me for further advise 0408594242

  • john says:

    I feel so sick I have been done over by eurosoft
    is their anyone going after this con group
    we paid the full amount 18,900 last year
    can anyone help
    cheers john
    I do believe in what goes around comes around
    we will get you guys this is a promise

  • Douglas c says:

    Can anyone identify this David O’Neill sob. It was his account that my hard earned money went to. He apparently lives not far from me and I intend paying him a visit with some heavy backup but need to be sure I got the right guy.

  • Debbie Wattson says:

    We are in the same boat. We thought we could obtain a refund after our 12 months was up but cannot contact them by phone or email. I really have no idea where to start trying to recover any funds.

  • Scammed says:

    I have done a lot of research into these scams and am presently taking action. If anyone would like to get in touch with me, please ask for my contact details through Peter Wales. I know Peter is pretty busy and can take a while to answer emails but do persist!

  • Debbie says:

    Hi Scammed
    I am not sure how to get in touch with Peter Wales in order to get your contact details.

  • Debbie says:

    I have submitted an online claim to the ACCC under the heading of “predictive software”. Any other help in this matter would be appreciated.

  • Scammed says:

    Hallo fellow scammees. I have read your postings and would appreciate you contacting me on 0408594242. I am investigating this as I stated in my posting above and can give you some advice on how I am approaching this matter. Don’t give up!

  • Scammed says:

    Hallo again fellow scammees. Peter W is very busy and we are lucky that he started up this blog and I don’t mind if you call me on my mobile number which is 0415264021.I would use that number instead of the one in my post of 8/1.(I don’t want to give PW’s contact details without his permission.)I have contacted all regulatory authorities – you name them, I’ve talked/written them including my local MLA, MLC. I now believe that I am on the right track. Do check this website frequently.

    Douglas C – do you have receipts, etc. to show that your money definitely went into David O’Neil’s account? If so, how did you get that information? Don’t say anything about how you got the details on this site, instead, give me a call on my mobile.

    Stay positive!!!

  • Scammed says:

    Well………..surprise, surprise! I have been informed that Eurosoft are answering their phones again. One of the scammees has contacted me to advise me of this. The reason why emails and phone calls weren’t being answered was because they were having holidays! Now isn’t that a professional way to run a business! Just drop off the radar, don’t inform clients and have a virtual holiday. Eurosoft, do you really think people are stupid. So, everyone, get in there and try to get your money back before they go to ground again. LOL

  • Scammed says:

    Yet another surprise – all my birthdays have come at once. If you google Reviews on CMC Australia and check their address on the map it is 1 Farrar Place, Sydney. Does that address ring a bell with anyone?

  • douglas c says:

    Hit a brick wall from the bank. Other than it went to Eurosoft have no further details to go on. But it doesn’t end there, oh no

  • Scammed says:

    Of course Eurosoft are answering their phones again! And, don’t believe them when they say they haven’t heard of other companies, such as ESL in all its incarnations. The booklet that I have of OWS is word for word identical to Eurosoft, however phone number is different – naturally!

    These guys are going to be found and going to the UK doesn’t matter. The world has shrunk, thanks to the internet and search engines.

  • Dave says:

    I have just recently experienced misconduct by Eurosoft Services. I ask others reading this blog who have experienced this as well, have you thought about taking a different approach and proceed with legal action against Eurosoft and any other companies that you know may be working in cohorts with Eurosoft? This is what I have now decided to do. I believe this is the only way to stop Eurosoft and similar companies from cold calling and sadly misleading innocent bystanders. Victims can lodge a claim to proceed legally with their State Magistrates Court for approximately ($234) and there’s an option to seek legal advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau for $30 for 20 minutes with a lawyer.

    Some of you may find it an interesting and a beneficial exercise to discover some directors names that may sound familiar when you search and buy extracts ($9 each) on the ASIC website for Eurosoft Services and other companies with the name Eurosoft included in part of their company title. It may be useful for those following the Qohel blog on Eurosoft to also look at a company called Eurosoft Worldwide Pty Ltd and buy that company extract ($9). Some of you I think will be very surprised.

    Go to http://www.asic.gov.au and select ‘Business Names’ on the top bar – ‘Search for a Business Name’, click on ‘ASIC Connect’ and you will be taken to ‘Search ASIC Registers’ home page. Select ‘Organisation and Business Names’ and type in ‘Eurosoft’. A few companies pop up which you can buy extracts for if you so wish to.

    If you think in anyway you have reasons and evidence for malpractice by Eurosoft Services and any other subsidiary company that may of applied recently for deregistration, you can report a complaint to the ‘Misconduct section’ at ASIC and most importantly request a ‘Deferral of voluntary deregistration’ to the Manager at Registry Services ASIC. This will give you some time to take your claim to the courts. It’s important that any company that you proceed legally against stays ‘registered’ or in a ‘strike off’ position so that you can claim for damages. If the company becomes deregistered it maybe more difficult to achieve the results you want without the court reinstating registration of that company. Visit this link http://www.asic.gov.au//asic-initiated-deregistration to find out how a 3rd party can defer deregistration. To report any misconduct to ASIC, go to the ASIC website and click on ‘About ASIC’ and then ‘How to complain’.

    It could be a good idea to continue to keep a mindful eye on the ASIC ‘Registers’ section and the ‘Scam’ section atwww.moneysmart.gov.au/scams for any up to date notices for the companies that you feel have wronged you.

    From what I have read on this blog and other blogs many of you have already reported misconduct to your State Police, State Department of Commerce and Consumer Protection and Australian Competition and Consumer Council (ACCC) and feel you may have not got very far with your complaint. However, for those that have not done this still think seriously about reporting (in writing) to these institutions mentioned above as well as ASIC. These organizations of authority need to know about every complaint because it builds a case and an awareness of the misconduct performed, and then hopefully this will attract more attention, then more investigation followed hopefully by a class action. This could become an Australian Federal Police issue to investigate(if it hasn’t already) if there are enough complaints.

    Like many of you I have expended a lot of energy to regain my funds. It is a very challenging for any individuals to resolve this by themselves when the business address of these companies become invalid, or there’s no phone numbers or email addresses to communicate with once the money is received.

    I have now dropped all my humiliation associated with feeling deceived by Eurosoft Services to take my case to the next step. If there are others out there that have felt like myself, then consider going that extra hard yard to take legal action, if you think it may benefit you and others. It’s your choice to act or not to act, to seek some legal advice at $30 for 20 minutes or go to your State Magistrate Court and make a claim against Eurosoft and any other associated companies if you feel they used unsolicited and misleading selling techniques on you. In my case I felt I was misled by Eurosoft, they created many diversions until they had my hard earned money and then they very quickly ceased communication. They refused me an instant refund within the ‘cooling off’ period I was entitled to. We all know that a reputable company that operates in an ethical manner will offer a cooling off period and a fair return and refund policy to keep a happy customer.

    I do suspect there are people that have been adding to this blog that are working against the complaints made by the innocent victims of Eurosoft, however I do hope that other bloggers see through any of their responses. I sincerely wish all the genuine bloggers and others (that have suffered any sort of hardship from this type of injustice) the best of luck in regaining back what is rightfully yours. Hopefully we can all make a difference and also create awareness to stop others from being affected.

  • Kelvin says:

    Another victim here. Feel very stupid for getting involved with these people.

  • Lamy1 says:

    I’m afraid to say me too!Have contacted them by mail and phone. . .still waiting for the call back!

  • Independent says:

    I have been contacted by one of your members to inform me of your great website.
    I (we) have had a very similar scam perpetrated by scammers over many years. I have many contacts with people who have been scammed by these various companies – see the website – http://www.aicinternational-complaints.com

    As we were intially harassed for demanding some intervention from the authorities we were forced to play the same game as the scammers and set up a website that is totally untouchable by the courts or the criminals in Australia.

    Our website is set up in a country that guarantees freedom of speech – similar to Wikileaks that was in Sweden.

    The scammers that run the companies you are talking about appear to use exactly the same techniques that our scammers used so I would make an assumption that they are the same company or the same people running these scams.

    The authorities are extremely slow to react even when they are given proof of fraudulent behaviour by these people – we have tracked ours back many years and millions of dollars worth of scams.

    We will add a site to highlight these criminals and will use the same tactics we employed to curtail the criminals we were dealing with. We utilised google to play the same game the criminals were doing – try typing in any of the company names we were dealing with and you will find hundreds of entries coming up highlighting the sites are scams – the use of google (legally from overseas) is no different than the criminals do by setting up false sites to sell their crap products.

    The authorites (I have spoken to most of them) are so under funded, under resourced and unskilled at chasing these people down that I would not hold my breath waiting for them to act. They openly admit they will never catch these people and legally cannot shut them down as their websites are overseas – WE WILL.

    you can contact me at inspector@5ymail.com

    The website will go up shortly as well as several hundred google responses to your scam companies.

    If you have any comments you want added to the site – YOU CANNOT be sued for defamation or slander as you do not need to give a name.

    We had enough waiting for the authorities to do something and we were offered a refund by the sacm artists to shut down our site – but them we found out the hundreds of people who have been scammed.

    Good Luck

    If they have a data feed we could make a direct denial of service attack on their site, which is illegal in Australia but not from where the attck will come from.
    These people are experts at using the law to protect themselves.

  • Scammed says:

    Dave, a group of us has done all that you have suggested and are now taking an approach that will hopefully get us somewhere. I have put my mobile number on this website if you want to call me. The regulatory authorities I have been in touch with, including a community lawyer are stymied by privacy laws, (or couldn’t really give a toss) not being able to direct a person to a lawyer or others who may be able help. They can only suggest – bit like ESL, Eurosoft, who say “a lot of our clients have bought Newcrest” – of course this is not giving financial advice”.

  • Paul says:

    Scammed too, would love to be involved in any action taken both legally or otherwise.
    To those responsible your world gets smaller by the day.

  • Doug says:

    My offer still stands $1000.00 reward to the person who gives me the home addresses of John Simpson and Mark Thompson from eurosoft

  • john says:

    hello people
    I think things are going to change soon eurosoft will be out of the scam business soon

    cheers john

  • bullswool says:


  • sicktothestomach says:

    our 12 months is up and have been trying to contact Eurosoft ever since via email and phone. I am keen to get these guys and our money back. I feel sick to the stomach.

  • sicktothestomach says:

    our 12 months is up and have been trying to contact Eurosoft ever since via email and phone. I am keen to get these guys and our money back. I feel sick to the stomach.

  • sicktostomach says:

    Just got through to Eurosoft receptionist who was told by a man in the back ground ‘do not engage in a conversation with her….hang up the phone’. Venting here, just feel soooo stupid.

  • Phillip says:

    Netway Solutions is not another re-badged name of any of these bogus companies. It is a separate company altogether and supports the share trading platform, downloading end of day share trading prices. ‘sicktostomach’ can contact me on 0415264021 for further advice.

  • Phillip says:

    Have had recent contact with Consumer Protection in my state. They would like more people to contact them to build more of a case. At present they can’t do much, so take the bull by the horns and tell your story. The review department of CP is looking more closely at the practices of these ‘companies’ and their modus operandi. Names and contact details of the thugs have been given to CP.

  • Darrell says:

    Add me to the ripped off list. I bought ESL Close of Market package in August 2011. When I tried to claim my Money Back Guarantee 12 months later I hit a brick wall with all the tactics I have read above. I got a Notice of Order from the CTTT against ESL Investor Services and Quinox Systems Pty Ltd. This orders ESL to pay my money back but it is useless as I cant find them to serve the order on them. I will call some of the numbers above for further advice and to join in on any further actions.

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