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I would really like to believe that Samson and Delilah, a new Australian film produced on a very low budget with inexperienced actors, is the masterpiece some reviewers claim it is.

But I am not hopeful.

A friend who saw it told me that it was dull in the extreme, and that the only reason the critics are enthusiastic is that its central characters are aboriginal, and that the whiteys are pretty much all bad guys.

That Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton both gave it five out of five is another reason to be suspicious.

It gives audiences a ‘no holds barred look at the problems facing remote Indigenous communities – violence, substance abuse and poverty.’  Oh dear.

I wonder if it continues the trendy line of blaming the white establishment for these problems. A line that disempowers aboriginal people by pretending they are so victimised there is nothing they can do to improve their circumstances.

Or if it gives indigenous people hope, empowering hope, by suggesting that they have the answers, that things could change for them if they were willing to change.

If you want things to be different, do something different.

So convinced of its value is first time director Warwick Thornton that he says ‘I want mainstream to see it, I want the whole of Australia to see it. If it doesn’t appeal to them, well I’ll jam it down their throat.’  Oh dear.

Most of the story is told without dialogue; a natural fit for a story of teenage love, says Thornton.  Oh dear.

You can almost guarantee Samson and Delilah will be required viewing at Australian high schools for years to come. And probably an official year twelve ‘text.’ Students will be bored out of their brains, and even more resentful than they are already.

I’ll see it. I make a habit of seeing new Australian films. I’m used to disappointment.

Actually, I don’t think she’s made any. Apart from some very mild topless photos with not a nipple in view anywhere.

Miss Rhode Island – Alysha Castonguay – also had some semi-semi nude shots taken. But no one has a problem with those.

Alysha says she believes the problem is not with the barely bare photos Carrie had taken a couple of years ago, but with Carrie’s opinions.

Donald Trump, who is co-owner of the Miss Universe organisation, which includes the Miss USA pageant, is going to announce his decision tonight about whether Carrie will remain Miss California and runner-up Miss USA. He’d be dumb to fire her.

Given that Australian Erin McNaught was still allowed to compete in 2006 despite having posed topless for ‘Zoo Weekly’ in 2004, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that Alysha is right, and that Carrie is being punished for her opinions, not for past photographic indiscretions.

The Miss California directors have blasted Carrie and her views and anyone who shares them. All in the name of ‘diversity’ of course.

They are so much in favour of diversity they cannot bear anyone speaking a view which diverges from their own. Free speech is fine, diversity is great. But if you disagree with anything we say, we will publicly humiliate you and call you an idiot.

And, for heaven’s sake, it is not as if she volunteered her opinion. She was asked. By one of the hosts. As part of the pageant.

A little tasteless, perhaps. But funny?

I thought so!

President Obama's Urinal Prompter

President Obama's Urinal Prompter

Via the Drunk Report.

The top 13 stupidest decisions ever made in the history of horror films.

And some general thoughts on staying alive if you find yourself in a horror film.

5. Don’t read from any books covered in human skin, or which have lain undisturbed under the egyptian sands for the last 3,000 years.

4. Don’t try to bring pets or girlfriends back from the dead. And on a related note, if your friends start growing tentacles, frothing at the mouth or swearing in Latin, leave the room.

3. Don’t go searching in wells, basements, attics, or deserted villages. If you must do so, turn on the lights.

2. Do not open gateways to hell.

1. Never have sex.

Comedian and nice guy Dom DeLuise has died after a year long fight with cancer.

I’m not really a comedy person, but Dom DeLuise’s collaborations with Mel Brooks and Burt Reynolds had me in tears of laughter. They were horribly low brow (think of Blazing Saddles and Cannonball Run), but simply good natured and funny. That was the thing I liked – Dom was funny without being cruel.

Here’s a perfect example, from the Johnny Carson Show:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine took about $87 million on its opening weekend.

It’s a good, but not great film. $87 million is enough to bring it into the top 20 all time biggest movie openings. Number one is Dark Knight, which took nearly $160 million.

Looking at the top 100 list, it is clear that the reason people go to the movies is to be entertained. You might think this is obvious, but if you do, you are brighter than many movie producers, and especially Australian movie producers, who seem to think that people go to the movies to be lectured about the trendy leftist cause of the month.

Lantana is a perfect example. Boring, self-righteous, and of course the critics loved it. Then there was Black Balloon. The critics loved that too.

Baz Lurhmann’s Australia is possibly the most boring movie of all time – such a disappointment after Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet, and Moulin Rouge. But the critics hated it as much as I did, perhaps because it tried to be entertaining, and the preaching only occurred occasionally. It wasn’t bad because it was preachy, it was bad because it was bad.

Happy Feet was preachy too. I hated it. It made some money though, because it was cute.

The only Australian movie I have enjoyed in recent years was Kenny. Go Kenny! It had a message, but not one the critics would enjoy – amongst other things, hard work and honesty are more important than a university education. Being smart doesn’t make you good, etc.

Kenny made money because it had characters you could care about, a great, if simple, story, and was funny without trying too hard.

Kenny had no public funding.

Public funding kills the arts.

Then Despondex may be for you:

Or if not, this Japanese family discussing (to Beethoven’s Fifth) what to have for asagohan (breakfast) may bring a smile:

There is also a subtitled version of Asagohan (but the video is not as good).

Catherine Zeta-Jones has asked to play Susan Boyle in a film version of Susan’s life.

I thought this was bizarre at first. But when you see photos of the two women side by side, it might just be possible.

Catherine is an intelligent and competent actor, so she might be a good choice.

Footage of Susan Boyle singing I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables has become the most viewed YouTube clip of all time with more than 100 million hits.

Quite co-incidentally (unless Susan Boyle is a secret capitalist weapon), 100 million is approximately the number of mentally ill people in China.

I like the Dixie Chicks, even though their politics are entirely unrelated to reality.

This song, though, could be a message from the free world to terrorists everywhere.

Not Ready To Make Nice.

I love this clip.

And I love Susan Boyle.

What to do?

Just watch it.

Crowds love ugly people – Britains Got Talent Parody.

It’s a parody of the judges, not Susan Boyle, by the way. ‘There’s something so surprising about someone really ugly being able to do anything..’   Wonderful.

A few years ago in Victoria, Pastors Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah ran a conference on ministering to Muslims.

A group of Muslims attended in order to be offended. After they were offended as planned, they complained to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Although they made it clear throughout the seminar that Christians were called to love Muslims and minister to them, Scot and Nalliah were found guilty of inciting hatred (mainly for quoting bits from the Quran that Muslims would rather not hear). After five years and vast sums of money, an appeal court acquitted the two pastors of any wrong-doing.

Now, much less seriously but still annoyingly, the game Faith Fighter has been banned after a complaint by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.

It’s a dumb game. You can play Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc, and attempt to beat the crap out of other religious leaders – like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. Muslims find any portrayal of the features of Mohammed offensive, so the game makers thoughtfully included an option to blank out his features.

As I said, it’s a dumb game. But if  normal people thought they might be offended by this, they just wouldn’t play it.

They wouldn’t play it so they could get offended and then complain and stop everyone else from playing it.

P.S. You can still download Faith Fighter and play it if you want to.

In1996 Tim Burton directed a film called Mars Attacks, starring Jack Nicholson. It was fun.

This trailer on YouTube is an ad for a strategy game based on that film.  The game is called Stalin vs Martians. It looks like a pretty ordinary strategy game.

But the dancing Stalin is unmissable.

Mumbai police have found nothing in newspaper reports, or in video of a meeting between a fake sheik and Rafiq Qureshi, to suggest he was trying to sell his daughter, Slumdog Millionaire star Rubina Ali.

There never was anything to this.

The real story should be how a shonky News Of The World journalist lured Rubina Ali’s father to a luxury hotel after telling him he was a wealthy sheik who had been moved by her story and wanted to meet her. He then offered the father money for Robina. The father declined and left.  Not interesting enough for News Of The World.

Look at the photo in the story. Robina does not look like a little girl whose family is in the middle of negotiations for her sale.

What is disturbing about this is the willingness of News Of The World readers (and apparently lots of others) to believe that ‘foreign’ parents don’t really care about their children, and are quite happy to sell them to strangers as long as the price is right.

This was recorded ten years ago for a CD produced for a local charity. There’s no video, but her clarity, expression and accuracy of pitch make this something I will listen to over and over again.

In other Susan Boyle news, Elaine Paige, whom Susan said was her model, has offered to sing and record a duet with her.

According to Elaine, Susan is ‘a role model for everyone who has a dream.’

Very cool indeed.

This is a Dutch shopping site.

It’s an absolute scream. Or I have a very strange sense of humour.

You may to have to watch a couple of times to get the whole thing. Sound on.