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Sorry, that was just too hard to resist.

Green Lantern

Warner Bros will start filming the Green Lantern in Sydney in November. It wasn’t one of my favourite comics – I loved Iron Man (and enjoyed the film version with Robert Downey Jnr, too) and Dr Strange. But Green Lantern was still pretty cool. His abilities come from a ring of power given to him by Ganthet, last Guardian of the Universe (in the current incarnation anyway – earlier versions had him being given the ring by a dying alien called Abin Sur).

But his real power comes from within – the power of an unbreakable will informed by reason and moral sense.

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!

If you like the idea of becoming a hero or building an empire while interacting with people around the world, but want to play for free, these two games might be for you.

Travian – start as the chief of a small village and end up building a wonder of the world.

Or start as a raider and become a civilisation builder with Civony.

Development and server time is funded by in-game gold purchases, but you can manage perfectly well without buying gold.

Both games have had good reviews. Enjoy!

As for me and my house, we will stick with World of Warcraft!

Update. I forgot about Last Chaos, which is probably the biggest of the free MMORPGs (massivley multi-player online role-playing games). Again, I haven’t played it, but it looks great.

Oh please. I have no idea of the reasons for Mel and Robyn Gibson’s planned divorce. But I’m sure it has nothing to do with blonde russian pop stars.

There’s no reason why I, or anyone else, should know the reasons for their divorce. It’s their business, and that of their children.

The daily changing accusations about Mel, who is plainly not perfect (but neither am I) seem to me a bit like New Idea’s manky gossip inventions, which are designed to make money out of other peoples’ unhappiness, while encouraging readers and viewers to take pleasure in the failures of others.

It’s going to be a hard enough time for the Gibsons anyway. Why not just leave them alone?

Because there’s money to be made in not leaving them alone, obviously. And sadly.

Boy does Susan Boyle have talent. I was in tears as I watched this.

Click that link right now.

And watch right to the end. Talk about lessons learned. Wow!

Not to me. Thanks anyway.

75 year old Shigeo Tokuda started in the porn business when he was 59. He was interviewed last Monday on the set of his latest film in which he is shown as a master of sex. In the film he used vibrators, whips and candle lights to show the master satisfying a 36-year-old actress.

“I wanted to challenge what ordinary people did not, so I decided to be a porno actor.”

If you say so. I guess if you are going to challenge what ordinary people do (or did not), becoming a porn star beats dragging your family through pirate infested waters. Or dragging yourself across the Arctic, getting lost and suffering frostbite because of the unexpected cold, in order to prove to the world that global warming is real.

And is the first South American ever to win the US Masters golf tournament.

Angel Cabrera’s US Master’s prize money is a $1.35 million share of the $7.5 million dollar purse

That’s enough to park in Sydney for nearly 30 years.

Or to buy Kylie Minogue 270 facials. I hope the media isn’t too hard on Kylie for her recent beauty and relaxation expenditure. She deserves a little pampering. She works hard, and she’s had a hard battle with cancer, and she’s one of show business’s genuinely nice people.

I loved Maurice Sendak’s book Where the Wild Things Are as a child. It came out when I was five, a perfect age to be when my mum read it to me. I think it is still one of the best books ever written for children. It is moving, funny, scary in places, and ultimately triumphant and happy. The story is helped tremendously by Sendak’s own amazing illustrations. 

The movie version is due out in October 2009. This preview looks great, and if the director and producers have been able to resist the Hollywood temptation to tamper too much with the story, especially either by making the wild things ‘cute’ or by making Max (the hero) into some sort of spoilt adolescent with problems at home, it should be a magical movie.

The top 100 films (listed by genre) – a Guinness list. I have seen all of them except a couple of the silent films. Plenty of room for debate in this list. I might have put John Carpenter’s The Thing in horror instead of The Shining. Although I like Kubrick, that film always seemed to me to lack substance somehow. Return of the King deserves a place in fantasy too.

The top ten famous movie quotes – another Guinness list. I didn’t get 5, 7 or 10.

Ten mysteries recently solved by science (not necessarily mysteries in science). 

That’s about $45 million in cash and $700 million in real estate. She didn’t notice the money was going until there wasn’t any left.

This is the estate left by Curt Cobain to Courtney Love and their daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

I am baffled for two reasons. First, how do you just ‘lose’ $700 million without even noticing? Didn’t she have accountants? What were they doing? What was she doing?

And secondly, Curt Cobain and Nirvana were only around for about five years. They produced some great songs, and Curt Cobain was a capable and intelligent singer and songwriter. But an estate worth $700 million? That is just mind boggling. I think I want to be a pop star.

Faster, brighter, lighter, more colour depth, more power efficient, vastly better contrast ratio. And you can get one now (or in early May if you live in Australia)

What’s not to like? Well, apart from the fact that the price on release is about twenty-five percent higher than comparably sized LCD or plasma TVs. But that will change. And the difference in quality is amazing.

I always hated country music as a teenager, but got to know it better, and to respect and enjoy it, when we lived in Western Queensland.

Lots of country music fans will be pleased to see this once in a decade (OK, there’s a surprise) award going to a more traditional country artist.

And it helps that George Strait seems to be a decent kind of guy.

The G-Ball. It measures your kick – velocity and direction, and transmits this data to satellites, from where it is sent to football scouts who are waiting to offer you a lucrative contract.

But this is not an April Fool’s Day joke: Sony PS2 new for under $100. That’s US$ of course, but still, it is a major price breakthrough, and even in the age of the XBox 360 and PS3, the PS2 is a great machine.

In latest inventions by New Idea magazine (your celebrity news!) Bec Hewitt, wife of Australian tennis player Leighton Hewitt, is accused of having an affair with ‘minder Mark,’ a ‘special kind of guy’ who is a fitness trainer from Dallas.

Minder Mark is actually Bec’s brother. Bec and Leighton said:

The article is plainly intended to create the impression that Bec Hewitt has entered into a romantic relationship with ‘Mark.’

It is unashamedly designed to generate public interest and increase sales.

The truth is: there is no ‘Mark’. The person depicted in the photographs is Shaun Cartwright, Bec Hewitt’s brother.

 ‘Mark’ is a complete fabrication by New Idea.

There is no former fitness trainer from Dallas associated with Bec Hewitt or the Hewitt family.

No quotes were given to New Idea by Bec Hewitt or friends. The quotes are complete fabrications.

Check their website for more. Good to see Bec and Leighton standing up to these bullies.

The delightfully named Heidi Virtue, Australian Channel Nine’s director of publicity, has declined to comment on very un-ladylike behaviour by all but one of the stars of Aussie Ladette to Lady. This show takes ordinary sheilas who don’t have much idea of decorum, manners or what contstitutes lady-like behaviour, and puts them through a finishing school type process, where they learn to talk, dress, walk, and generally behave in a way which would be acceptable in society. A bit like My Fair Lady, except that Eliza, for all her rough edges, was really a lady to start with.

Despite all the effort, money, and publicity, these girls seems not be ladies even at the end of the process.

Far from being models of deportment, as Nine would have viewers believe, a hotel source confirms the ladettes drew at least a dozen complaints after having a topless romp in the hotel swimming pool at 1.30am, throwing objects from windows and trashing a hotel room, resulting in a cleaning bill worth several hundred dollars.

This was just after filming of the final episode, which was meant to show how far they had come. Not content with that, the girls then hit the night clubs, and bared their breasts to bus drivers in an effort to get free lifts back to their hotel.

You can take the girl out of Cunnamulla, but you can’t take Cunnamulla out of the girl. Sad, because most Australian women are not like this, and this kind of behaviour just confirms the stereotype of the loud, rude Australian.

Wigs on the Waterfront is an annual homosexual festival of music which takes place at the waterfront at Auckland Harbour.

GayNz.com has posted some sample performers on YouTube.

Amanda and I went because my brother David was performing. David has a truly wonderful voice, especially for the old standard Bennett/Sinatra type numbers. It was the first time I had heard him sing in live performance. Sadly the samples on YouTube don’t include any live singers, just mime acts.

We had a great time. It was colorful and fun, and most of the performers were very good. The highlight of the afternoon for me (apart from David’s three numbers) was a group of maori drag queens doing a traditional poi dance to an updated version of the song ‘Kiss me, honey, honey, kiss me.’ It was well done, bright and funny.

However, one of the acts was an attempt at comedy by mocking Christian faith and practice. This kind of thing seems to be a standard in gay festivals – the insulting ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is another example.

Such acts are not only not funny, they are cowardly. It is easy to mock Christianity in a Christian country. In those countries no one is going to stone you to death because you are gay. No one is going to behead you for insulting Jesus.

Really girls, I’d be much more impressed with your courage and creativity if you tried a gay comedy routine about Islam and Muhammed at the Teheran Writers’ Festival.