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It is hard not to share Jennifer Marohasy’s frustration at at the mainstream media’s failure to report this:

‘a wide-ranging survey of glacier conditions across south eastern Greenland, indicates that glacier melt has slowed significantly and that it would be wrong to attribute the higher rates of melt prior to 2005 to global warming or to extrapolate the higher melt rates of a few years ago into the future.’

But unlike Jennifer, while disappointed, I’m not surprised.

This is an important story because the whole ‘Oh my God, the ice is melting, the seas are rising, please give us lots of money’ campaign is based on the alleged melting of Greenland’s glaciers and ice sheet. Ice in the Arctic is floating, so even if that melts in an unusual way it will have no effect on sea level. As I have noted before, a rise from -45 degrees to -40 degrees in Antarctica is not going to melt a lot of ice, and anyway, except for the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica is stable or even cooling. So the Greenland ice sheet melting story was vital to to the anthropogenic global warming scare campaign.

For the mainstream media to print such a story would be to acknowledge they had been wrong, and that there really was nothing to worry about. And they won’t do that. Alarming climate headlines will persist for a few more years.

Headlines like the one on this rankly dishonest story: Scientists Say Glaciers Melting Fast. This is based on studies by the grandly titled World Glacier Monitoring Service. They monitor 80 glaciers around the world. Cool. But there are about 160, 000 glaciers in the world, some two thirds of them in Antarctica. So this claim is based on a study over the last thirty years (nothing in geological time) of one half of one tenth of one percent of the world’s glaciers. And even then, the headline belies comments from one of the scientists involved that coastal glaciers in Norway thickened during the study, and that the overall rate of loss in studied glaciers had slowed from the previous year.

Eventually, when it is simply not possible to ignore the fact that the world is not getting any warmer, and that there never was any reason to believe the minor and perfectly normal variation in temperature over the last 100 years had any relation to human produced CO2, the mainstream media will find some new potential disaster, and begin demanding that politicians take immediate action to save us from it.

For the common sense of ordinary people.

Penny Wong, The Australian Federal Minister for Climate Change, says three hot days at her place prove global warming is real. And what’s more, no one is going to convince her otherwise, and she’s going ahead with emission controls, even if it wrecks the economy, because that’s the responsible thing to do.

Fortunately, the people Penny is supposed to represent have a considerably better grasp of the situation than she does (something she would no doubt regard as a worrying sign of a lack of appropriate education – more funding, please). In a poll run by The Australian (not a paper noted for its conservative views), 67% answered ‘NO’ to the question ‘Are heatwaves in Victoria and South Australia evidence of Global Warming?’

67% say no!

The President Tries to Enter the Oval Office Through a Window
Obama tries to enter the Oval Office through a window.

To be fair, those look like they could be French doors, and he’s only just moved in. It sometimes takes me a few weeks to remember where the light switches are when I move house.

It is not the trivial mistake by a man in a new house that makes this worth mentioning, but the difference in the way the media has reported this – that is, not at all – and the delerious gloating that greeted President Bush’s trying to open a locked door when on a visit to China, in a building he’d never been to before.

‘The CIA’s station chief at its sensitive post in Algeria is under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for allegedly raping at least two Muslim women who claim he laced their drinks with a knock-out drug.’

It appears there may be video tape of the alleged offences.

If this is true there will be massive trouble in the Islamic world. And if it is not true there will still be trouble, because there will be accusations of cover-ups and of the US protecting its own.

The fact that the accused Andrew Warren is himself a Muslim may moderate the rage a little. Or perhaps not – Al Jazeera’s version of the story is a straight lift from the ABC, except that it doesn’t mention Warren’s faith.

But of course. I wondered how long this would take. Federal Climate Change Minister Penny Wong says the current heatwave is a sign of global warming.

It doesn’t matter that we have had a cooler than usual Summer, that world temperatures have been trending down for the last ten years, that much of the Northern hemisphere is covered with unseasonal snow and ice.

There have been three hot days where Penny lives, so the argument’s over, baby!

In the lead up to the release of Windows Vista in January 2007, some 19 million computers were sold in the US with labels saying they were ‘Vista Capable.’ A distinction was made between ‘Vista Capable’ and ‘Vista Premium Ready.’ Computers which were ‘Vista Premium Ready’ were required to have more memory and better graphics peformance to enable them to run the aero interface. ‘Vista Capable’ meant the computer would run Vista Home Basic.

But now a class-action lawsuit has been filed demanding Microsoft pay the cost of upgrading plaintiffs’ PCs, on the basis that consumers were duped into paying higher prices for ‘Vista Capable’ PCs, when many of those computers are only powerful enough to run Windows Vista Home Basic.

But, duh, that’s what the label meant. That’s why there was another label for computers that were ‘Vista Premium Ready.’ If you wanted a computer that would run Home Premium, why didn’t you cough up for one in the first place?

‘Vista Home Basic is key to the lawsuit, which alleges that Microsoft’s Vista Capable program inflated the prices of PCs that could run only that edition and enticed users into buying machines that could not be later upgraded to any other version of Vista. Home Basic, the plaintiffs have contended, is not the “real” Vista, in large part because it lacks the Aero user interface.’

This is outright harassment. Even if Microsoft wins, it will still cost them millions to defend this action, not only in direct costs, but in diverting resources to providing documents, etc required by the court. And if the plaintiffs win, you have to wonder why any large business would continue to operate in the US, when this kind of vexatious and opportunistic litigation is a constant threat.

via Instapundit, this call for a taxpayer march in Washington.

But as a reader notes, taxpayers are generally too busy in their jobs, or running their businesses, to attend protest meetings. The ability freely and frequently to attend protest gatherings is the privilege of those who are tax recipients rather than those who are tax payers.

Federal Government handouts designed to stimulate the economy by taking money from people who earn it, and giving it to people who don’t (OK, I know that’s a generalisation) seem to be working well. If you make underpants, or run poker machines.

Otherwise forget it.

President of Iran, Moody Imanutjob, has demanded that Obama apologise for past crimes against Iran.

Obama has said that ‘If countries like Iran are willing to unclench their fist, they will find an extended hand from us.’ That was also the consistent policy of the Bush administration. I have no problem with that at all.

But two things. First, please don’t apologise. I have already written (about a different matter, but the principles are the same) of the intrinsic ungoodness of convenient but dishonest apologies. They may win temporary popularity, but do no one any good in the long run.

Second, Imanutjob and his allies have already made it clear that the price of a warmer relationship with them is that the US “stop supporting the Zionists, outlaws and criminals” and “stop interfering in other people’s affairs.” If that means deserting Israel, and letting Iran have a free run in the Middle East, then thanks, but no thanks.

This is good news. But…

Russia says its change of mind is based on a change of attitude in the US administration over plans to install a missile defence system in Eastern Europe.

‘Russia had said the US missile shield plan in Europe was a direct threat. In November last year, Mr Medvedev announced that short-range Iskander missiles would be deployed in Kaliningrad, bordering Poland, to neutralise the perceived US threat.’

Hmm.  Eastern European nations like Poland and the Czech Republic have much sounder historical reasons to be concerned about a Russian threat than Russia has to be concerned about any threat from America.

The missile defence plan has the full support of NATO, and of countries where it is (was?) to be placed. The US and NATO have said consistently the shield was intended to protect the US and its European allies from rogue states with developing nuclear potential – like Iran. But obviously the shield would also provide additional protection against any threat from Russia.

Any easing of tensions in relations between the US and Russia would be good. But not at the cost of the US deserting its NATO allies. Poland has already expressed concern at this possibility.

Forecasts suggest we will folllow our usual pattern of being 2 degrees cooler than Adelaide, but 42 degrees (Celsius – nearly 108 degress Fahrenheit) is still very hot for the island. This will make three days in a row over forty. It is unusual, and dangerous, especially if we get some wind and/or thunderstorms later this afternoon. Most of the devastating fires last year were started by lightning strikes. If anything the conditions now are even more suited to extensive fires – its hotter now than it was then, and reasonable rains last year mean there is more fuel – dry grass and timber.

via Gateway Pundit

“It is difficult to deal with terrorism through non-violence,” the Tibetan spiritual leader said. “They (terrorists) are very brilliant and educated…but a strong ill feeling is bred in them. Their minds are closed.”

He said that the only way to tackle terrorism is through prevention. The head of the Tibetan government-in-exile left the audience stunned when he said “I love President George W Bush.”

For liberals this must seem like one of those zombie movies, where you are hiding out with your best friend, only to discover he’s one of them.

Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt are both ahead of me on this one, but it is worth listing anyway.

James Hansen is the NASA scientist who complained loudly and incessantly about being silenced, particularly under the evil chimpybushitler regime. At the same time he got a huge amount of publicity, and some additional income, from equally loudly and incessantly telling the world the sky was falling. Since the sky falling is what sells newspapers and TV advertising spots, Mr Hansen was Mr Popular with the media.

Now NASA atmospheric scientist Dr. John Theon, just retired Chief of Climate Processes Research and Hansen’s former supervisor, has said that Hansen was never silenced or pressured in any way, despite the fact that his claims and high media profile were an embarrassment to NASA, and that he Theon, disagrees completely with the anthropogenic global warming theory.

‘Theon declared “climate models are useless.” “My own belief concerning anthropogenic climate change is that the models do not realistically simulate the climate system…  there is no rational justification for using climate model forecasts to determine public policy.”’

Australian researchers have found that alcohol consumption improves male sexual performance.

‘After other risk factors were excluded, weekend drinkers, high-risk drinkers and those who exceeded alcohol-intake guidelines had lower rates of erectile dysfunction than those who drank one day a week or less. Ex-drinkers, however, had the highest risk.’

Say that again…   ‘Ex drinkers had the highest risk.’

So for heaven’s sake, don’t be an ex-drinker.  I love Australia.

Blowfish testicles send seven to hospital.

“It’s scary. If you go to a decent-looking restaurant that serves fugu, you would assume a cook has a proper fugu licence,” Iwase said, using the Japanese term for blowfish.

Indeed. I’m terrified.