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Peter Wales is a 57 year old Australian, born in New Zealand.

A former Anglican clergyman, bookseller and funeral director, he now runs a local Post Office, plus computer repair, retail and consultancy business on Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia.

Peter has a degreee in theology from Flinders University in South Australia, with major sequences in Philosophy and Biblical Studies, and has completed postgraduate studies in history and philosophy at the University of Queensland.

He has also completed some part-time studies in law, and is an A+ Certified IT Technician, a Certified Project Manager, and a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (Enterprise Administrator).

Peter has a life-long interest in science and environmental issues. His training and education have given him a broad range of knowledge, and good analytical and research skills.

He reads widely – general fiction, science fiction, biography, history, politics and science, and has written published poetry and short stories. One of these, Just Desserts, has been made into a short film by a Hollywood acting school.

Email: pw at qohel dot com


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